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GreenSky Hard Inquiry Credit Class Action Lawsuit

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GreenSky Hard Inquiry Credit Class Action Lawsuit – Illegally Accessing People’s Credit Reports?

GreenSky Companies Sued For Alleged Illegal And Unauthorized Credit Checks On Unsuspecting Consumers 

GreenSky Servicing and GreenSky Installment are both accused in a recent class action lawsuit of reportedly making illegal hard inquiries on different individuals’ credit standing without obtaining prior permission. 

GreenSky Financing Companies Face Charges In Court Concerning Supposed Illegal Hard Inquiries 

Both are known as financing companies that help people obtain financial options for their home improvement and other related purposes, GreenSky Servicing and GreenSky Installment face litigation for their alleged misdeeds. 

Filed by leading complainant Lisa A. Pritchard, the GreenSky Hard Inquiry Credit Class Action Lawsuit contends that the two abovementioned businesses have illegally obtained people’s credit information and have run unauthorized ‘hard inquires’ that ended up being reflected on the owner’s credit report. 

Pritchard claims that she was shocked to find a ‘hard inquiry’ entry on her credit report when she tried to check her personal credit standing in mid-September 2019. 

Marked as an ‘unspecified hard inquiry’ on her personal credit report, she was puzzled as she did not allow any hard inquiries during the time it was recorded. 

In fact, when she later discovered that the hard inquiry request came from GreenSky, she was bewildered and bothered because she has no existing relationship with either of the two financing companies. 

Lisa A. Pritchard v. GreenSky, LLC: More Details

Pritchard continues that she did not even reach out to both of them to ask about their home improvement financing products and what would work for her. 

The plaintiff wants the court to allow the certification of a Class group consisting of United States residents whose credit reports were illegally accessed by Greensky without obtaining any prior consent to the person. 

The GreenSky Hard Inquiry Credit Class Action Lawsuit is looking to take both GreenSky Servicing and GreenSky Installment to court for alleged violations of the different provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

Stay tuned for current updates regarding this ongoing case on the official Consider The Consumer website. 

Editor’s Note on GreenSky Hard Inquiry Credit Class Action Lawsuit: 

This report aims to notify readers about the class action filed against GreenSky Servicing and GreenSky Installment, who both allegedly violated the law for illegal consumer credit access. You might also be interested in Mortgage Scores.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Lisa A. Pritchard v. GreenSky, LLC; Case No.: 2:21-cv-19429

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the New Jersey

Allegation(s): GreenSky reportedly conducted unauthorized and illegal hard inquiries on individuals and their credit reports.

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