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Graco Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit – 15 Cases Against Unsafe Booster Seats For Toddlers…

Graco Falsely Advertised Booster Seats, Faces 15 Class Action Lawsuits

A federal judge in Georgia has approved the consolidation of fifteen class action lawsuits alleging that Graco deceived consumers about the safety of its booster seat for toddlers.

Kellie Carder, et al., v. Graco Children’s Products, Inc.

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Judge Leigh Martin May — the United States District Court — decided Tuesday that the company made specific claims about the functionality of the Graco booster seats against side-impact collisions that would have impacted all of the consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The lead plaintiff, Kellie Carder, claims that Graco has known since 2002 that its statements concerning the safety of its booster seats for small children are inaccurate and deceptive — that is, that the booster seats do not significantly lower the dangers associated with side-impact collisions — and has done nothing about it.

The defendant’s own testing demonstrates that the Booster Seats are not safe in side-impact incidents and are not suitable for children under 40 lbs or younger than 4 years old, that defendant suppressed or concealed such information from its advertisement of the Booster Seats, the claim states.

According to the Graco Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit, the company stated in its advertisements that the seats were safe for toddlers weighing 30 lbs and as young as 3 years old.

Judge May’s Rulings

May dismissed Graco’s claim that the consumers failed to establish that they would have purchased booster seats elsewhere if not for the company’s marketing, stating that the court is not convinced that the plaintiffs’ assertions are legally insufficient.

Consumers’ request for an injunction over the company to prevent it from advertising the seats as being safe for side-impact collisions was denied by May, who stated that none of the consumers intended to purchase the seats again and were so ineligible to seek the order.

One of the consumers’ attorneys indicated that she was overjoyed with the outcome.

Graco is not the only manufacturer of booster seats facing legal action. According to a class action lawsuit submitted in April, Artsana pushed parents to purchase booster seats for their children as soon as possible by promoting booster seats to parents in order to increase sales in a competitive and “tremendously lucrative” market. Another class action was filed against Baby Trend over their unsafe Yumi Seats. 

Editor’s Note on Graco Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuits filed against Graco over allegedly falsely advertising its booster chairs. 

Case Name & No.: Kellie Carder, et al., v. Graco Children’s Products, Inc., Case No. 2:20-cv-00137-LMM

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Northern District Of Georgia Gainesville Division

Products/Services: Booster seats

Allegations: Graco allegedly falsely misrepresented its booster sits

Status: Pending

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