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Downloadable Gambling and the Google Play Store Class Action Lawsuit

The Google Play Store Class Action Lawsuit

People are mostly familiar with Las Vegas as a city where you can go and gamble, however, you may not have to travel too far as slot machines have become increasingly popular online and when things become increasingly popular online, Google usually takes notice and tries to capitalize off of it.

With that in mind, a recently proposed class action lawsuit against Google alleges that the tech giant gets 30% of every in-app purchase made in Google Play, which enables Google to not only profit from, but support casino-style slot machine apps even in states where they are not legal.

Other allegations also include citing Google as the primary promoter of this illegal activity, being that they maintain control over the apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store and the payment method that can be used to purchase in-app items.

The plaintiffs also suggest that Google is an active player in the apps purchased in the Google Play store, using a previous suit in relation to the Fortnite app where Google has removed any competition in the distribution of Android apps using different contractual and technical barriers.

What To Know About Gambling Online

Even if these games are free to download and play, there is an initial batch of in-game currency that will eventually run out. Once this occurs, the user will have to pay real money to buy in-game items or in-game currency so they can continue to play. 

Once this occurs, these actions then qualify as illegal gambling in states where gambling is not legal.

According to the plaintiffs, the gambling law in Alabama states that if money was paid in a game for a chance to win more time to play, then that constitutes illegal gambling under.

The proposed class action is looking to recover money for classes that paid to play the gambling games in a period of six months before the complaint was filed up until the court sets a date following certification.

Editor’s Note on the Google Play Store Class Action Lawsuit

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