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Goodyear Tire Class Action Investigation Announced Consider The Consumer

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Goodyear Tire Class Action Investigation Announced

Do you qualify for the Goodyear Tire Class Action Investigation?

The popular tire manufacturer, Goodyear, is being investigated for alleged problems with its tire products.  According to recent reports, the company is dealing out faulty products, specifically, Goodyear’s Marathon tire products. 

Many owners have reported different issues with their Goodyear tires ranging from tread separations to blowouts. These problems, they have added, have occurred early within the use of the tires – even occurring within only a few thousand miles of the tire’s run. 

Officially, there has been at least one hundred (100) complaints filed by concerned customers who have bought Goodyear products with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the same report cites. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a federal level agency and a part of the Department of Transportation. Its mission is to “save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle-related crashes”. 

It is believed that the company has been made aware of the situation for there were customers who have brought their defective tires to several Goodyear dealers to either have their tires replaced or fixed. 

Editor’s note on Goodyear Tire Class Action Investigation:

This piece was crafted to keep you in the know and inform you of the latest investigation different authorities and legal experts are taking with regards to the alleged mishaps of Goodyear’s tire products.

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