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GOLO Release Supplement Class Action Lawsuit

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GOLO Release Supplement Class Action Lawsuit – 100% Weight Loss Claims?

Diet Pill Company In Trouble For Alleged False Advertisement, Product Labeling Practices

Another diet pill company in the market is facing a class action lawsuit filed by a complainant alleging that it is falsely advertising and purposely mislabeling its dietary supplement product. 

The company in question is GOLO, LLC from Delaware. Filed by plaintiff Vincenzza Bubak, the GOLO Release Supplement Class Action Lawsuit revolves around the claim that GOLO, LLC has taken on the liberty of systematically mislabeling its Release supplement product. 

The company is also accused of falsely advertising the purported effects on the consumers’ health and wellbeing. 

Plaintiff Bubak bought some of the GOLO diet pills late last year, believing in the company’s claims on its official site that the Release supplement is helpful in weight loss. 

It also boasted other supposed health benefits besides guaranteed weight loss to its users. 

Marketed as “the natural solution to insulin resistance,” which the company claims are one of the major factors hampering weight loss, the complainant religiously believed in the said assertions. 

However, Bubak was not able to experience any of the effects that GOLO has advertised and asked for a refund from the diet supplement company. 

Additionally, the company has allegedly made other claims that its Release supplement product is clinically proven – a bid to boost its sales numbers and to entice more customers to buy them.

There were no clear and easy-to-understand labels used in the product’s labels that would help the everyday average user to understand how to properly use the product. 

Those statements mentioned above and other claims that the dietary supplement product can cure different ailments ended up tricking thousands of customers who have bought GOLO Release supplements.

Yet these claims are made irresponsibly for the company’s benefit at the expense of its customers, the lawsuit argued. 

In order to make such assertions, a product should be tested by experts and be accepted by a majority of practitioners in the scientific community.

However, the studies mentioned by the company in its marketing materials boasting of the effectiveness of the Release supplement is reportedly have not been published in any peer-reviewed scientific journal. 

In addition to that, they are commissioned by the company themselves. 

The GOLO Release Supplement Class Action Lawsuit is accusing GOLO, LLC of transgressing different state of California consumer protection laws. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, plaintiff Bubak is also arguing that the company has conducted acts amounting to breach of warranties and breach of implied warranty of merchantability between them and their customers. 

Editor’s Note on GOLO Release Supplement Class Action Lawsuit:

This article features the latest class action lawsuit filed against company GOLO, LLC concerning its Release dietary supplement product. 

The GOLO Release Supplement Class Action Lawsuit contends that GOLO, LCC is responsible for mislabeling its products and falsely advertising the health benefits it has on its users. 

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