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Goldfish Crackers Zero Sugar Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Is It Sugar Free & Less Calories?

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Goldfish Crackers Zero Sugar Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Is It Sugar Free & Less Calories?

CLASS ACTION: Goldfish Crackers Not Really Sugar-Free Despite Company’s Advertising Claims 

A recent class action lawsuit is accusing the maker of Goldfish crackers of misleading their customers into believing that the said product contained zero amounts of sugar, although it has sugar in its ingredients.

Food Companies Campbell And Pepperidge Farm Face Complaint 

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Filed in a federal court in California, the Goldfish Crackers Zero Sugar Class Action Lawsuit is contending Campbell Soup Co. and Pepperidge Farm of tricking their customers about the truth regarding their Goldfish brand crackers.

Led by plaintiffs Lanna Rainwater and Denise Cleveland, the class action lawsuit said that the two companies were behind a misleading marketing campaign to frame their Goldfish cracker products as healthy and have very low amounts of calories in them. 

It is said that the food companies used different statements such as ‘0g Sugars’ and the like in many Goldfish crackers’ product labels. Furthermore, the claims were conspicuously placed in the product packaging of each item for every customer to see.

Both complainants shared that they bought many Goldfish cracker products after believing that they are buying a healthier product compared to others available in the market. They added that they wholeheartedly put their trust into the product and its promises to them.

Nevertheless, Goldfish crackers were found to contain sugars and are not low on calories which is the complete opposite of what Campbell Soup Co. and Pepperidge Farm claim. Cleveland and Rainwater noted that all of their products used wheat flour. 

The flour is said to contain sugar which outright debunks Campbell Soup Co.’s and Pepperidge Farm’s marketing claims. 

Goldfish Crackers Zero Sugar Class Action Initial Information

The Goldfish Crackers Zero Sugar Class Action Lawsuit is taking both Pepperidge Farm and Campbell Soup Co. to court with charges for allegedly purposely misleading their health-centered clients with their false advertisement surrounding their Goldfish cracker products. 

Complainants Lanna Rainwater and Denise Cleveland are asking the court to approve the formation of a Class consisting of customers all over the United States who have bought different varieties of Goldfish Crackers while believing the allegedly false advertising claims made. 

Customers who have purchased a pack of Organic Original Goldfish, Mix Cheesy Pizza + Parmesan Goldfish and the like may be included in a settlement in the future. 

About The Defendants

Pepperidge Farm is a bakery company established more than eight decades ago by its founder Margaret Rudkin. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, the company is known for various products, including different types of baked goods like bread products, crackers, cookies, and the like. It is now currently owned by Campbell Soup Company.

On the other hand, Campbell Soup Company, or Campbell Soup Co., is a processed snack and food conglomerate founded more than a century and a half ago. 

Today, the company is able to rack in revenues of $8.7 billion in the year 2020 alone. Campbell, as known by the general American consumer, is headed by its CEO Mark Clouse. 

Editor’s Note on Goldfish Crackers Zero Sugar Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This article features the latest class action lawsuit filed against food corporations Campbell Soup Co. and Pepperidge Farm after finding out that their Goldfish cracker offerings are not actually free from sugars and calories despite marketing claims. We also recommend you to read the SmartyPants Vitamin Gummies Class Action.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Denise Cleveland, et al. v. Campbell Soup Company, et al.; Case No.: 4:21-cv-06002 / 3:21-cv-06002

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California 

Products/Services Involved: Select Goldfish cracker products offered by Campbell Soup Co. and Pepperidge Farm

Allegation(s): Defendants Campbell Soup Co. and Pepperidge Farm allegedly engaged in false and deceptive conduct in advertising their Goldfish crackers to the public. 

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