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GM Chevy Bolt EV Class Action Lawsuit

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GM Chevy Bolt EV Class Action Lawsuit – One Fix Lead To Another Problem…

GM’s Latest Attempted Fix Reduces EV Battery Life – Class Action

Automobile manufacturing company General Motors or simply GM has been slapped with another lawsuit yet again concerning the issues surrounding the company’s vehicle battery. 

According to online reports available to the public, this latest lawsuit filed in the state of Michigan is the second one the company is facing after a class action was filed in an Illinois court first before last year came to an end. 

Both lawsuits claim that the newest update released by GM that is intended to fix the Chevy Bolt EV’s spontaneous combustion concerns ended up reducing the car’s battery holding capacity. 

It is worth noting that the company is also facing a separate lawsuit in California regarding the Chevy Bolt EV igniting into flames due to a defect. 

One Problem After Another For Affected Chevy Bolt EV Owners

This latest class action, along with the earlier one from last year, stressed that after consumes have dealt with a former problem with their Chevy Bolt EV that pose a significant safety issue, they are now facing another one that was allegedly caused by the company when it tried fixing the former issue. 

GM has reportedly released a software update intended to address the technical issues to prevent fire incidents, yet it caused the car battery’s capacity to decrease to up to 10%.

This, according to plaintiffs to the complaints, are unacceptable for not only have they faced quite the ordeal with the earlier issue, but now they are stuck with a drastically lowered usability of their vehicles. 

The plaintiffs are accusing the company of having committed fraud and violating federal warranty law and an array of state-specific consumer protection statutes. 

GM had already done a recall of its Chevy Bolt EV vehicles preceding the class action lawsuits after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had launched a probe when owners reported cases of their vehicles igniting into flames without any apparent reason at all. 

The NHTSA’s investigation ended up looking into Chevy Bolt EV models manufactured between 2017 to 2020. 

A company spokesperson has shared in an online report that the company is tirelessly working on finding a solution to the issue and is eyeing to fully resolve it by April this year.

Editor’s Note on GM Chevy Bolt EV Class Action Lawsuit:

This feature is published to inform you of the latest class action filed against GM involving its latest remedy geared towards EVs causes batteries to have a reduced holding capacity.

This, ergo, causes drivers to have a lowered mileage use of their vehicles.  

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