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General Motors Towing Capacity (GCWR) Class Action Lawsuit

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General Motors Towing Capacity (GCWR) Class Action Lawsuit – Falsely Advertising GMC Sierra & Chevy Silverado…

GM Cars’ Gross Combined Weight Ratings Are Lower Than What Is Advertised, Class Action Retorts 

Automobile company General Motors (GM) is in hot water as it faces allegations in a class action lawsuit that it falsely advertised the towing capacity of its certain car models, which put the lives of drivers and passengers in harm’s way.

Complainant Decides To Take GM To Court To Raise Concerns About Their Vehicle’s Towing Capacity

According to Roger Snyder of the General Motors Towing Capacity (GCWR) Class Action Lawsuit, GM should be held liable for its alleged infractions. 

It is said that the carmaker has made exaggerations on its vehicle offerings’ gross combined weight rating (GCWR) figures that consumers believed. 

The GCWR rate is the maximum allowed weight for completely loaded automobile vehicles and trailers which include their cargo, passengers, and fuel. Further, it is regarded that the issue covers GM’s 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevy Silverado 1500 cars. 

The complainant details that he bought the GMC Sierra 1500 2020 model, thinking that he would be able to enjoy the marketed GCWR rate of 16,800 lbs. 

Nevertheless, Snyder soon found out that the actual numbers only total 15,000 lbs via a letter sent out by GM. The updated figure is 1,800 lbs less than the marketing claims raised by the auto company.

As of writing, no recall order has been ordered by GM in relation to the newly highlighted findings with its cars’ actual GCWR figures.

Further Details About Roger Snyder v. General Motors, LLC

The abovementioned pieces of information are the exact opposite of the advertising done by GM surrounding its Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra lines, the complainant retorts.

The plaintiff argued that had he and others known about the truth and did not fully rely upon GM’s product representations and claims, they would not have bought or paid for the GM cars named in the class action. 

The General Motors Towing Capacity (GCWR) Class Action Lawsuit is looking to hold GM accountable for a range of charges, including deceptive trade practices, negligent misrepresentation, and the like. 

Snyder is aspiring to form and represent a Class group consisting of GM customers nationwide who purchased or signed a lease for a Chevy Silverado 1500 and/or GMC Sierra 1500 2020 vehicle model. 

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Editor’s Note on General Motors Towing Capacity (GCWR) Class Action Lawsuit:

This post is a brief discussion of the legal case against General Motors filed in relation to its purported misrepresentations surrounding the towing capacity rates of a number of its 2020 vehicular offerings. We also suggest you read the GM Yukon Tail Light Lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Roger Snyder v. General Motors, LLC; Case No.: 1:21-cv-24256-BB

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of Florida Miami Division

Allegation(s): GM tricked vehicle buyers and leaseholders into thinking that the car they are going to buy or sign for a lease has a higher GCWR rate compared to the much lower actual figures.                 

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