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Gap Credit Card Class Action

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Gap Gift Cards Class Action – Points Deletion Without Any Notices

Do you own a Gap Rewards Card? Get to know the Gap Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit! 

Reward cards are a great way to make consumers splurge on different products to rack up points in every purchase they make. 

Depending on the company that offers it, many customers feel rewarded as they continue to support their selected companies and earn a few perks here and there in return for their undying support. 

Many companies offer their own iterations to it for their loyal customers. However, one American apparel company is in hot water right now for its alleged misdeeds with its rewards card system. 

Clothing company Gap is embroiled in a class action lawsuit involving their rewards programs points allegedly going missing in several of its customers’ Gap rewards cards. 

Christian Kim, the plaintiff to the class action filed against Gap, argues that Gap, along with the Banana Republic and credit card company Synchrony Bank have all endorsed the rewards system, but they all had the power and express discretion to completely eliminate the accumulated points a customer have already racked up with their cards without notifying them.

Though the companies have included statements and pronouncements in promoting their rewards points system, assuring customers and cardholders that their accumulated points will not expire unless a set of conditions are satisfied. 

This has not been the case for Kim; thus, she filed a complaint. She narrates that she had a card from Banana Republic with more than 800 points on it. 

However, when she was forced to replace her card two years ago due to Synchrony Bank’s fraud alerts, she has lost all of their accumulated points. 

They were only able to get back about half of the original accumulated points.

According to Kim’s class action, this incident, along with others, is used by the respondents as an opportunity to completely eliminate the accumulated points a customer can build up in their individual rewards cards.  

This allegedly runs counter to the Credit Card Rewards Program’s official agreement terms when a customer decides to sign up to join the program. 

It says that the points will only be considered inactive and will be eliminated when there are no other purchases made within the next 24 months of a customer’s last purchase. 

The class action lawsuit filed against Gap seeks to cover all citizens in the country that are current and past cardholders of Gap, along with other clothing brands under its umbrella. 

A consumer may also be covered if they have or had a card from Athleta, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. 

Gap gift card class action

About Gap:

Founded in 1969, Gap is a well-known American apparel company with more than 3,000 locations spread all over the country.

Over the years, it has been able to include many other clothing brands under its wing – cementing itself as the third-largest clothing brand in the U.S. 

Website: About | Gap Inc. 

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