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Ford Fuel Economy Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Ford Fuel Economy Class Action Lawsuit Alleges False Advertising

Ford Fuel Economy Class Action

The Ford Motor Company is now battling a Class Action Lawsuit for its alleged false advertising of the fuel economy ratings of some of their best-selling and most popular trucks, such as the 2019-2020 Ford Ranger and 2018-2020 F-150 series trucks. Consumers have continually complained that Ford did not follow appropriate testing procedures and have then falsely advertised its popular trucks’ fuel economy ratings as better, and more efficient, than they actually are.

For instance, its 2018 Ford F-150 V6 truck has been advertised to get 20 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway, but testing proved that it only actually gets 17.7 miles per gallon in the city and 22.7 miles per gallon on the highway.

You can find this case under: Ceremello et al v. Ford Motor Company, Case No. 20-cv-12272, E.D. Mich.

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Here’s what we know about the Ford Fuel Economy Lawsuit:

The Ford Fuel Economy Class Action alleges that Ford cheated on its fuel economy testing on some of its best-selling and most popular trucks. Ford then used its inaccurate fuel economy ratings on the window stickers to sell and lease these trucks to consumers.

Over a million Ford truck owners are now driving vehicles that will cost them thousands of dollars more to own or lease than anticipated. Because of Ford’s deception, all purchasers and lessees of these vehicles paid, allegedly, much more for these vehicles than they are actually worth.

Ford fudged its own coastdown testing and used inaccurate drag and resistance figures to boost the vehicles’ “EPA” (Environmental Protection Agency) mileage ratings. Testing of the 2018 F-150 using the mandated coastdown procedure reveals that Ford did not follow appropriate coastdown testing procedures.

The window sticker or “Monroney sticker” for a 2018 Ford F-150 V6 indicates mileage of 20 city, 26 highway, and 22 combined. Accurate coastdown testing of a 2018 Ford F-150 V6 reveals the following: The real highway fuel number is 22.7 MPG compared to 26.6 reported by Ford to the EPA. For city driving, it is 17.7 MPG compared to 19.6 reported to the EPA. Thus, the highway fuel difference is 15% and the city difference 10%. Assuming the lifetime of a truck is 150,000 miles, at the real city miles per gallon rates, city driving would consume an extra 821 gallons over the lifetime of the truck. The highway extra fuel (extra means real MPG versus Ford’s reported MPG) is 968 gallons.”

A full copy of the Ford Fuel Economy Class Action Complaint can be found below:

Editor’s note on the Ford Fuel Economy Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Ford Fuel Economy Lawsuit. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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