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Food Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit

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Food Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Claims Of Extra Fees, Hidden Charges On Food Delivery Services Under Investigation For Possible Class Action Lawsuit

Food delivery services such as DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, etc., have been a very handy app for many consumers who want to order food online. They have been a very popular means for people to get their food conveniently.

Different third-party food delivery apps and companies have been under fire for their alleged misdeeds. These companies are possibly involved in imposing hidden charges on their customers in exchange for their services.

Not only that, but business owners are also reported to have been hurt by these alleged actions done by these erring food delivery service companies and providers. 

Before we all do a deep dive about this matter, it is important to know how the relationship between customers, restaurants and business owners, and the third party delivery companies work.

In essence, third party food delivery services such as GrubHub and DoorDash serve as the middleman between customers and restaurants and food establishments.

They facilitate the speedy delivery of food that customers have ordered straight from the partner restaurant’s kitchen to the consumer’s doorstep. 

These companies have provided an enticing alternative of food delivery options for both the everyday consumer and entrepreneurs.

For restaurants, these apps have caused them not to have an in-house delivery service, which cuts down costs. Customers have an easy and hassle-free platform that they can use to order their food.

However, it is alleged that third-party food delivery companies have taken advantage of this situation and have committed misdeeds on their end. 

Many reports were made online regarding several companies allegedly charging hidden delivery fees to customers. Some have even shared that they were still charged even though the service advertised doing it for free. 

According to several media reports cited on Top Class Actions, there were many documented cases wherein both customers and businesses were allegedly hurt by the misdeeds conducted by several third party delivery service providers throughout the country. 

There’s even a verified media report for unknowing customers that the price of the food ordered can be drastically inflated by food delivery companies up to 91%. This is done by imposing additional fees and taxes.

But, consumers all over the country have been fighting back these alleged misdeeds done by food delivering companies through several legal actions such as class action lawsuits. 

Companies such as DoorDash and GrubHub have been slapped with separate lawsuits in recent years for their alleged deceptive practices. Not only that, even restaurant chains were taken to court because of their misdeeds.

As of the present time, there are a series of investigations being conducted by different legal experts in the country to determine whether a class action lawsuit would be feasible to file against food delivery companies such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc. 

Additionally, chain restaurants are also not spared in the investigation, from giants such as McDonald’s to specialty food restaurants such as Chipotle.  

Food Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit  Details

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