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Folgers Coffee Class Action Lawsuit

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Folgers Coffee Class Action Lawsuit – False Serving Capacity…

Folgers Coffee Misleading Customers Of Its Products’ Actual Capacity – Class Action

What are the things that make you buy a certain coffee product? Do you consider the brand? Are you enamored by a product’s packaging and presentation? Or do you look into its contents? 

Different consumers follow different criteria. One of them, mentioned earlier, is a specific coffee product’s quantity and serving size recommendations. 

But what does this mean? A coffee product’s serving size and quantity are the amount of product present as well as how many servings one can make out of them. 

This is a primary issue being raised in the class action lawsuit filed against coffee company Folgers. 

What you need to know about this Class Action

As of press time, an additional two separate class action lawsuits are accusing Folgers Coffee company of misleading their customers of inaccurate serving sizes of their coffee products.

These are filed by plaintiffs Julie Marthaller and Geoff Thompson in the states of Washington and Texas, respectively. 

Both share the same tale; they bought two different Folgers Coffee products with different quantities and size servings. 

However, when they tried using the product, they ended up with much fewer cups of coffee than the promised claims of the company. 

They both contend that the company should be liable for its “misleading, false, unfair, deceptive practices.” 

Additionally, the two believe that those who bought Folgers coffee with inaccurate quantities have been financially injured thus should be entitled to monetary compensation.

 Both say that they would not have paid more for the allegedly deceptive Folgers coffee products have they known about the truth of its actual quantity and size recommendation.  

Marthaller and Thompson are seeking to form and represent a nationwide Class of customers who have bought the allegedly misrepresented Folgers Coffee products. 

A subclass for each of the plaintiff’s states is also eyed to represent consumers hailing from there, respectively. 

The two latest class actions filed against he company is being handled in the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Washington and the Eastern District of Texas. 

As of writing, the coffee manufacturer is currently facing at least five different complaints in different courts in the country, alleging that Folgers coffee product’s quantity and the serving size are inaccurate and have misled customers. 

A look into Folgers Coffee

Folgers Coffee is the largest-selling coffee company in the United States. 

Founded in 1850, the brand takes pride in that it manufactures and sells its coffee products within the country’s limits. 

Currently, their products are also being sold in foreign markets such as Mexico, Canada, and parts of Asia. 

Owned by The J.M. Smucker Company, the company markets its products through its famous tagline: “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup.” 

Folgers leads the coffee industry with more than $1 billion in sales recorded last year. This is double compared to Starbucks’, its second-closest competitor, sales tallied during the same period. 

Company site: Folgers Coffee 

Folgers Coffee Ad

Editor’s Note on Folgers Coffee Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action filed against Folgers Coffee alleging the company has misled its customers of its product’s actual quantity. 

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