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How Much Coffee Are You Actually Buying? Details on the Folgers Class Action

Why was the Folgers Class Action Lawsuit Filed?

Folgers Coffee has been hit with yet another class-action lawsuit in California which alleges that their coffee grounds produce less coffee compared to what is advertised on their labels.

If you were to look at Folgers coffee product labels, you would see the alleged exaggerated cup yield referred to in the lawsuit. If the yield shown were to be inaccurate, this would be cheating consumers into shelling out more money for something that does not meet what it advertises!

Grounds For A Folgers Lawsuit

Alright, bad joke. But, according to various complaints, if a consumer follows the instructions on the label of any Folgers Coffee label, and they mix one tablespoon of their product with six ounces of water, said consumer would only make a 54 6-ounce “cups,” significantly less than what is advertised on any Folgers Coffee product.

Now, if you decide to brew coffee in bulk, according to these allegations, the cups produced will be 15 cups less than what it actually states on the label! 

The Folgers class-action alleges that the company has been continuously misrepresenting the amount of ground coffee in its products. Consumers have tested a dozen varieties of Folgers Coffee, and the allegations state that there is a constant variation between what is advertised and the number of coffee cups produced in the tests when Folgers Coffee products were used.

If you have bought Folgers Coffee products and you have noticed that you have made fewer cups compared to what’s on the label, please reach out to us today!

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Editor’s note on the Folgers Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Folgers lawsuit. For more information on this, please contact us today! 

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