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Flavor God Class Action Lawsuit: Fake Sales, Phantom Discounts

Are You Affected by the Flavor God Class Action Lawsuit?

For allegations of false advertising and phantom discounts on their products, Flavor God has recently been hit with a class action lawsuit.

The company claims to offer specific discounts on “reference prices,” but they do not represent the reality of current market pricing.

What Is a Reference Price?

When a company shows a higher price for a products and then promotes a massive markdown based upon this price is often referred to as reference pricing. In short, with the use of this tactic, consumers are led to believe they are getting a good deal when in reality, they are not.

Under California and federal law, false reference pricing is not allowed, but according to the class action lawsuit, Flavor God’s business model seems to rely on misleading customers.

The company’s website often has a sale on most of the company’s products with a discount that will definitely get the attention of any buyer, as it will also post a price that they tag as the reference price. Although if properly scrutinized, the company actually never sold the item at the aforementioned reference price.

The lawsuit further alleges that the main and only purpose of the reference price is to make the customers believe that they are getting the company’s product at a great deal.

Plaintiffs disclose that they do not have the resources to see if Flavor God is following state and federal law specifically with their pricing practices, and are seeking to represent a class of consumers who are in the US and have bought Flavor God’s products at a discounted rate compared to a reference price between November 30, 2016 up to recently.

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