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Fiberglass Mattress Manufacturers And Sellers Were Charged With A Class Action Lawsuit – Overstock, Ventex Inc., & Jeffco Fibres Inc.

The Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit was filed against mattress manufacturers and sellers Ventex Inc., Jeffco Fibres Inc., and due to alleged false advertising that their product was hypoallergenic and safe.

The class action lawsuit was filed in February 2021 by lead plaintiffs David, and Marcia Watkins, in Virginia’s Eastern District federal court.

The class-action lawsuit alleges that the mattresses under the “Select Luxury” line manufactured and sold by the said companies were misleadingly marketed as fit for hypersensitive individuals.

The lawsuit aims to represent all individuals living in the United States that bought the Select Luxury mattress containing fiberglass from

Select Luxury Mattresses

The “Select Luxury” mattresses were co-manufactured by Jeffco Fibres Inc. and Ventex Inc. 

Jeffco Fibres used a fiberglass sock manufactured by Ventex when producing the mattress. 

The mattress contains a zippered cover that hides the fiberglass (fiberglass sock) within the mattress. sells the products on their website.

According to the class action lawsuit, the Select Luxury mattress is made up of the following components:

  • An outer cover with a zipper
  • An inner fiberglass sock from Ventex Inc., which acts as a fire retardant barrier
  • An inner flammable foam core

The class action lawsuit states that the companies did not inform the customers that the zippered cover should not be opened.’s website also emphasized that the mattresses are hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and natural, which the plaintiffs believe to be false.

Plaintiffs Allegations

The class action lawsuit states that the plaintiffs used the website to purchase a mattress online. 

The particular mattress the plaintiffs bought in 2014 was a 10-inch Natural Latex Hybrid mattress under the Select Luxury line because they were marketed as ideal for individuals with breathing problems.

The plaintiffs assert that they were not informed that the mattress has fiberglass and that they cannot open the cover housing the inner components when cleaning the mattress.

The plaintiffs argue that the mattress released airborne fiberglass dust when they unfastened the zippered cover to clean the mattress in November 2019. 

The fiberglass particles reached the plaintiffs’ heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system (HVAC), which filled their home with fiberglass dust.

The class action lawsuit declares that the fiberglass dust had caused severe damage to the plaintiffs’ health and their children, including breathing problems, eye itchiness, skin, nose, and mouth irritation. 

They also claim that they had experienced nausea, shaking, and dizziness when they tried to move the opened mattress. 

Their two-month-old baby has also experienced nose bleeds from the fiberglass particles.

Aside from health effects, the fiberglass dust has also damaged the plaintiffs’ property, which caused damages to their financial capacity, amounting to more than $123,733.95. 

The plaintiffs complain that they had to move out of their home for about five months to clean out their house and avoid the fiberglass’s health effects.

They argue that the companies failed to ensure their customers’ safety and have not informed them of the mattresses’ proper care. 

Editor’s Note:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against, Ventex Inc., and Jeffco Fibres Inc. due to the alleged false marketing and health effects of their fiberglass mattress.

Have you bought a Select Luxury fiberglass mattress online from and suffered any hazards?

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