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FanDuel Class Action Lawsuit

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FanDuel Class Action Lawsuit – False & Misleading Betting Information

FanDuel Provides Inaccurate Betting Information – Class Action

Are you fond of making bets online? You may need to practice a little caution while engaged in some of your online bets as an online betting company has been slapped with a class action lawsuit alleging misdeeds, including deceiving bettors with false data.

The company in question is an online sports betting company FanDuel. 

Per the official court filing in an Illinois federal court, FanDuel provided malicious data to millions of online bettors that were thinking that they were going to make gains in their bets with the data being provided by the company. 

However, according to Andrew Melnick’s complaint, FanDuel provided customers with inaccurate scores and game times to which they marketed to customers as “real-time” and true information. 

The complainant shared that they made a bet using FanDuel’s data, specifically the remaining game time information provided by the company. 

They used this piece of information, thinking that they were accurate and can help them gain an advantage in their bet. 

Nevertheless, they found out later that the data provided by FanDuel was off – up to 35% from the actual correct time. 

Melnick tried getting a refund from FanDuel’s customer service soon after, but their request was denied. 

Per the class action, FanDuel allegedly understates regularly the figures they present on their app for all bettors to see compared to the actual live data. 

This leads customers, just like Melnick, to make bets that are riskier and has a higher possibility of losing. 

Additionally, FanDuel also posted inaccurate game score information during a live gaming event. 

This totally affected how bettors would have placed their bets in a given game have they known the most accurate information available to them to see. 

The FanDuel Class Action Lawsuit aims to create a Class in court that would cover more than six million affected FanDuel customers in ten states across the country. 

These states include West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, Tennessee, New Jersey, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois. 

Opting out of the company’s arbitration clause, Melnick continued to claim that there are hundreds of thousands of similarly situated individuals just like them who have ended up losing money on their bets because of the false information provided by FanDuel.

About FanDuel

FanDuel is a New York-based company founded in 2009. The company offers an array of products and services, but they are known for offering daily fantasy sports, online casinos, and online horse betting products.

The company dominates the market and is slated to post earnings of $1.1 billion per a report in early November last year. 

Editor’s Note on FanDuel Class Action Lawsuit:

This feature is published to give you an update of the latest class action lawsuit filed against FanDuel after the company allegedly provided inaccurate information to bettors subscribed to its services. 

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