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Fandango Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

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Fandango Privacy Class Action Lawsuit – Illegally Monitoring Users Web Activity

Fandango Was Sued For Illegally Recording Customers

Fandango Media, LLC, an American ticketing company, faces a class action lawsuit alleging that the company has unlawfully tracked and recorded their customers’ online activity on their website.

The Lawsuit

Jason Goldstein, the lead plaintiff, filed the class action lawsuit against Fandango in February 2021 in Florida’s Southern District federal court.

According to the lawsuit, Fandango tracked and stored information about their customer’s online activity without their knowledge, including their location.

The lawsuit alleges that Fandango uses tracking software to obtain its client’s information.

The lawsuit states that the company has violated the Florida Security of Communications Act (FSCA) by illegally storing its user’s information and monitoring users’ interactions.

The lawsuit aims to act for all individuals residing in Florida who used Fandango’s website to purchase movie tickets online.

It aims to covers transactions made from 2019 to 2020 and estimates representing at least 1 million class members.

The lawsuit asserts that affected class members should each be compensated at least $1,000 for the damages caused by the company by invading their privacy.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lead plaintiff states that he has only used its website a maximum of 6 times in one and a half years. The last time he has visited the website was in February 2020.

The plaintiff claims that during the time he has used the website, it has stored and monitored his online activity by using a “session replay” software.

The software allegedly observes and logs his actions on the web, including the following:

  • User’s location
  • The content he has visited
  • The time and date he has visited the site
  • The number of times he has clicked the mouse
  • The activities he did on the website

The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff did not know that his online activities are being monitored. It adds that the company did not obtain his approval to do this.

The lawsuit adds that the company has infringed its user’s privacy rights since their online activities have been logged and monitored without the customer’s approval. It adds that the company kept track of the information to increase its profit.


The plaintiff alleges that the company has breached the FCSA for invading their user’s privacy.

According to FCSA Chapter 934, individuals’ privacy should be protected, and that it is not allowed to intercept communications made by the individual without his consent.

It covers any form of tracking, including software, that will monitor an individual’s location and activities without obtaining approval.

Related Lawsuit

Recently, the website has also been charged with a class action lawsuit allegedly infringing its user’s privacy.

In October 2020, a class action lawsuit was filed by Stephen Mason, asserting that the tech company, Lead Intelligence, has breached the California Invasion of Privacy Act by tracking its customer’s online activity without their knowledge or consent.

According to the lawsuit, Lead Intelligence has created software called Visual Playback to monitor and log all of the user’s online activity when visiting a website.

The lawsuit claims that this software functions like a wiretapping device by intercepting the user’s actions online. used Visual Playback to observe their user’s transactions.

Editor’s Note on Fandango Privacy Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Fandango due to the alleged illegal recording of its user’s transactions.

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