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Facebook Wins Autodialer Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Facebook Wins Autodialer Class Action Lawsuit That Was Filed Over Alleged TCPA Violations – Supreme Court Favors Facebook…

Facebook Autodialer Class Action Lawsuit Details

American technology giant, Facebook, won a class action lawsuit alleging that the company sent unwanted messages.

The lead plaintiff, Noah Duguid, filed the class action lawsuit against Facebook in 2015.

He asserts that he has received multiple automated text messages from Facebook regarding his account. However, the lead plaintiff adds that he has no Facebook account.

The complainant claims that the company uses an automatic dialing system, which was used to send a text message to Facebook users. 

He adds that his number was stored despite not having a Facebook account. Thus, he received the automated text messages from the company.

The automated text messages allegedly contained login information regarding his non-existent Facebook account.  

The lead plaintiff attests that he has sent the company multiple complaints regarding the unwanted messages he has received. 

However, he argues that he has only received automated replies stating that he should log in to his Facebook account.

He states that the company’s action has breached the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


The TCPA is a law that was created in 1991. The law prevents companies from sending and making robocalls to their consumers.

It also prohibits establishments from using an autodialer system to contact customers without their permission.

According to the TCPA, an autodialer is a device that can store contact information and can contact these numbers.

The lead plaintiff claims that Facebook has used an autodialer to store his information and contact him.

Despite this, the company maintains that they have not used an autodialer. They add that the users must manually enter their contact information for it to be stored in the company’s database. 

The company also believes that the notification messages they have sent can be considered emergency calls because they inform customers about access to their accounts in different locations. The defendant argues that the TCPA does not cover emergency calls. 

However, the lead plaintiff claims that login notifications are not considered an emergency.

Class Action Lawsuit Updates

When the lead plaintiff first filed the class action lawsuit, a federal judge, Jon Tigar, rejected it.

The U.S. District Judge states that the plaintiff did not provide enough evidence to support his claims. Despite this, the judge provided the complainant with an option to amend his lawsuit.

The original decision of the federal court was reversed in 2019 by the Ninth Circuit of Appeals. 

The judgment declares that any system that can store numbers and make calls automatically can be considered an autodialer.

Facebook argued that the TCPA does not cover their login notifications because they were used for emergency purposes only.  

The company maintains that they only store numbers manually provided by the user. 

They also state that their text messages were triggered reflexively upon login and are not covered by TCPA.

Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has granted a ruling in favor of the tech giant. 

The voting resulted in a unanimous decision that agreed that the company did not violate the TCPA.

The Supreme Court has debated whether the TCPA should cover any device that can store information and contact them.

They have agreed that subjecting Facebook’s system under the TCPA would expand the law’s definition and coverage. Thus, all cases related to the TCPA would also be affected, and it would have a chainsaw effect.

Editor’s Note on Facebook Wins Autodialer Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit Facebook won related to TCPA claims.

Case Name & No.: Facebook Inc. v. Duguid, 19-511, U.S. Supreme Court

Products/Services: Automated login notifications

Allegations: The company has sent automated login notifications using an autodialer system that breaches the TCPA

Status: Complete, in favor of Facebook

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