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Facebook User Privacy Class Action Continues In California...

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Facebook User Privacy Class Action Will Carry On Proceedings in California Court…

Social media giant Facebook is standing firm on its ground as it keeps on seeking the court to junk the class action filed against it involving the company’s alleged use of Internet cookies in order to track its users’ online activities.

This comes after the United States Supreme Court has reportedly rejected to hear Facebook’s legal pleas to have a lower court’s decision overturned in order for it to be in their favor.

The said class action lawsuit is a multidistrict litigation case that might end up causing the company to pay up $15 billion in monetary awards of damages and other fees payable to the plaintiffs of the case.

The Facebook User Privacy MDL Class Action Lawsuit stems from way back in 2012 after plaintiffs from the states of Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, and Virginia filed a complaint against the social media giant for allegedly snooping in on their’s and other users’ private online activity and other sensitive personal information.

Soon after, other class action suits were filed following the original case which led to authorities bringing them all together and forming it as multidistrict litigation (MDL) up for hearing in a single court.

Facebook initially got the upper hand after privacy violations that were thrown against it were dismissed by a judge.

In a 2016 decision, the company was successful in arguing its case that the plaintiffs of the class action failed to show any concrete harm done towards its users.

It was also able to woo the court to toss out of the window the claims that Facebook has wiretapped users’ under the federal laws covering the matter.

Elevated to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Facebook’s victory ended up being short-lived after the judges there overturned the earlier decision made by a California court.

The ball is now tossed back to the lower court and Facebook is set to face the charges head-on.

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Editor’s Note on Facebook User Privacy Class Action Will Carry On Proceedings in California Court:         

This news feature seeks to inform you of the latest developments in the ongoing Facebook User Privacy Class Action Lawsuit.

The company is poised to answer allegations of wiretapping and other forms of invasion of user privacy purportedly carried out by the social media company against its users.

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