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Facebook Scam Ads Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - FB Alleged Of Working With Scammers To Dupe Users

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Facebook Scam Ads Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – FB Alleged Of Working With Scammers To Dupe Users…

Facebook Allowed Scammers To Fool And Collect Money From Social Media Users With Highly Deceptive Advertisements 

A California class action lawsuit is accusing Facebook of working with scammers by deploying misleading advertisements to its users by collecting private personal information via their social media platform. 

California Class Action Accuses Facebook Of Working With Online Scammers

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According to the latest reports, Facebook is being sued in a federal court by complainants Anastasia Groschen and Christopher Calise for helping out scammers on their social media product to trick customers, i.e., Facebook users to fall victims for their deceptive ways. 

The Facebook Scam Ads Class Action Lawsuit contends that the social media giant actively monitored, collected, and benefited from users’ personal information. Facebook allegedly used the information they have gathered to send targeted advertisements to millions of its users all over the globe. 

Most of these advertisements consist of product marketing and the like. However, the class action argues that some of them aim to trick customers and are outright scams. 

Per the class action filing, many of the said ads, although potentially illegal, were allowed and even highly encouraged by Facebook. The social media company even turned a blind eye and did not stop evil advertisements from increasing in many of their social media platforms, from Facebook to photo-sharing network Instagram. 

Calise and Groschen add that Facebook’s sales department actively sold prized advertisement packages to known scammers, although they know that these people and companies actively violate the social media company’s user protection policies. 

Repeat offenders, who were supposed to be banned and not allowed from any of Facebook’s marketing schemes, were allowed each time they placed a payment for an advertisement sponsorship.

Class Action Information

The Facebook Scam Ads Class Action Lawsuit details that Facebook has billions of dollars at stake in this concern; thus, they do not take an active stance in cracking down on illegal advertisers in the platform.

The class action filing is asking the court to release an order to stop Facebook from committing more misdeeds involving the allegations mentioned above. It also wants the company to pay up its customers as compensation after falling victim to deceptive advertisements that Facebook allowed. 

Editor’s Note on Facebook Scam Ads Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature details the class action filing against social media company Facebook after they allegedly worked with repeat offenders and scammers by allowing their highly deceptive advertising schemes on the platform. Facebook was also exposed to a data breach that affected 500 million users.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Rebecca Christopher Calise, et al. v. Facebook, Inc.; Case No.: 3:21-cv-06186

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services Involved: Facebook’s advertisements and marketing campaigns 

Allegation(s): Facebook lets scammers use their platform. 

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