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Facebook Asks To End Its Antitrust Lawsuit

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Facebook Asks To End Its Antitrust Lawsuit In Washington Court – FB Vs 48 Attorney Generals…

Claims Unsubstantiated, Authorities Took Long To Take Action – Facebook On Its Bid To End Its Legal Woes In A Washington, D.C. Court

Facebook is fighting back the accusations made against it in court as it files its manifestation to have the cases filed against them be junked by a federal judge this March.

The technological giant is currently facing a legal challenge in a federal court in Washington, D.C., filed by attorney generals from forty-six states and two territories in the United States alleging Facebook of antitrust violations. 

In the lawsuit, it formally accuses the company of creating and keeping a monopoly in its market niche that ends up causing harm to Facebook users and companies who choose to advertise on the platform. 

The Federal Trade Commission or FTC, the federal agency responsible for enforcing antitrust laws and protecting American consumers from illegal and harmful antitrust company behaviors, is also on board in the case. 

In its filing, Facebook has provided reasons why the court should dismiss the case filed against it in court. 

The company claims that the FTC does not understand the full extent of how the company operates in a highly competitive technological space. 

In its bid to discredit the attorney generals’ claims, Facebook’s legal counsel argued that their claims were unsubstantiated, and they took a long time to challenge the company in court for its alleged antitrust behavior.

Filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the Facebook antitrust lawsuit contends that Facebook has cultivated and maintained a monopoly on the market to stifle competition and to take full advantage of its dominance to impose its wishes on its users and customers. 

The lawsuit argues that the company decided to take control of the market by purchasing emerging competitors. 

Then it commenced to slowly built its empire throughout the years to solidify its hold in the social media market industry. 

With the large amounts of data on its hands, Facebook has offered advertisers of targeted advertising services that aim to cover its billions of users worldwide. 

The company then has the leverage of dictating its whims on marketers, such as how much ads should cost and other means. 

These antitrust acts committed by Facebook, the class lawsuit argues, harm users of Facebook’s different social media platforms and the marketers responsible for the company’s policies that seek to reach their targeted market audience. 

Editor’s Note on Facebook Asks To End Its Antitrust Lawsuit In Washington Court:

This feature is an update of the latest developments in the Facebook antitrust lawsuit filed by the FTC along with state attorneys general in a Washington, D.C. federal court alleging Facebook of antitrust behaviors. 

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