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Equate Beauty Oil Free Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Walmart's Cosmetic Brand Not Oil-free As Marketed

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Equate Beauty Oil Free Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Walmart’s Cosmetic Brand Not Oil-free As Marketed?

Walmart Equate Cosmetics Products Are Not Actually ‘Oil-Free,’ Contrary To Marketing Claims – Class Action

Equate Beauty, a brand offered in-store in many Walmart locations, is not actually oil-free as they were marketed and advertised, a class action lawsuit claimed. 

Customer Caitlin Payten Files Class Action Against Walmart 

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Filed in a New York federal court, the Equate Beauty Oil Free Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is filed by the complainant Caitlin Payten who argued that Walmart tricked its customers into believing that the Equate cosmetics they offer in their stores are not actually free of oils as the retail giant has marketed. 

She further detailed that some Equate Beauty items contained materials in their ingredients list that many everyday consumers consider as oils. Payten shared that she bought a moisturizer product offered by Equate at a local New York Walmart location. 

The plaintiff added that she paid a premium price over the product, for she believed the company’s claims that it contains no oil ingredients at all. However, upon her closer inspection, she found out that the moisturizer contained a material that is extracted from soybean oil. 

Equate Beauty Is Not Really Free From Oils – Claim

The Equate Beauty Oil Free Class Action Lawsuit 2021 further listed down some other products that allegedly contained oils in their ingredients, and still, Walmart has repeatedly claimed that they are oil-free to customers. 

They include the same facial moisturizer Payten purchased for herself, eye makeup remover, acne wash, and sunscreen stick that falls under the Equate Beauty Oil-Free cosmetics lineup. 

Besides potentially having ingredients processed from soybean oil, the class action lawsuit shared that the products above also reportedly have other oils such as coconut oil, vegetable oil, and the like. 

Have they known that Walmart has been duping them with how they present the oil-free claims for their Equate branded items, Payten contended that she and others would not have bought any of their products. 

Class Action Brief 

The Equate Beauty Oil Free Class Action Lawsuit is suing Walmart Inc. for a series of different charges ranging from possible transgressions of different consumer protection statutes, unjust enrichment to breach of warranty. 

In addition, lead plaintiff Payten wants to ask for the court’s approval of a Class consisting of Walmart customers who have bought Equate Beauty Oil-Free makeup products after they believed Walmart’s allegedly false marketing claims. 

Editor’s Note on Equate Beauty Oil Free Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This report details the class-action lawsuit filed against Walmart after one of its store brands, Equate Beauty, has reportedly misled consumers into thinking that they are free from oils, even though the truth is far from that. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Caitlin Payten v. Walmart, Inc.; Case No.: 7:21-cv-05880 

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York 

Products/Services Involved: Equate Beauty products

Allegation(s): Walmart has deceptively employed misleading advertising claims to make their buyers believe that their Equate Cosmetics lineup is entirely oil-free. 

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