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Janssen Pharmaceuticals Faces Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Janssen Pharmaceuticals Faces Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit

Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit Filed; Janssen Pharmaceuticals Under The Gun

Modern medicine is one of the things that we should thank having in the current century. Different medical techniques and methods, ranging from drugs to an array of medical procedures, are now readily available in order to alleviate most of the disorders known to man. This gives all of us comfort and it prolongs the expected lifespan of people which leads to drastically improved quality of life for all. 

However, there are some that have a catch with them whenever you try to use them to cure any of your diseases or ailments. There are many of them that have been now prohibited from distribution to markets yet there are still some out there – still doing damage and wreaking havoc to unsuspecting individuals. 

This seems to be the case as well with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of medical giant Johnson & Johnson, with regards to the drug that it manufactures targeted to cure interstitial cystis. The drug in question is Elmiron and has been used by a lot of average Americans to soothe the pain that they suffer from that comes with the aforementioned disease. Some of them who have used the drug for a prolonged period of time have developed a complication known as retinal maculopathy – an eye disorder. In some dire cases, patients have reportedly lost their sense of sight after using the drug. 

Different lawsuits are already filed against the company for its alleged inadequate labeling on its products that was supposed to warn doctors and patients of the risks that come with the use of Elmiron. They also contend that the drug the company has manufactured is defective and pose an unreasonable level of danger to a patient’s health. These lawsuits have scientific studies to back their claims. 

Currently, Elmiron is still being sold in different pharmacies and outlets nationwide. 

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