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Ecover Class Action Lawsuit – S.C. Johnson & Son In Trouble Over False Marketing

S.C. Johnson & Son’s Ecover Cleaning Products Not Actually Plant-based, Contains Artificial Chemicals In Its Ingredients – Class Action 

A class action lawsuit was filed in January this year against company S.C. Johnson & Son, alleging that its marketing claims concerning its cleaning products are untrue.

The lawsuit is filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

It claims, S.C. Johnson & Son’s Ecover plant-based cleaning products contain synthetic chemicals in its ingredients.

This is a stark contrast to the company’s marketing strategy, such as making pronouncements that the Ecover cleaning product line helps customers “get nature on your side.” 

Plaintiff to the case Elizabeth Maisel contends that the ingredients primarily used in the products have undergone a series of chemical processes and modifications that altered its original form, resulting in an entirely new synthetic ingredient and is no way natural in any shape or form. 

These chemicals are “vastly and fundamentally different from than the original plant-sourced ingredient,” S.C. Johnson & Son claims in their products’ marketing claims. 

Represented by a legal team from Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California, Maisel is accusing the company of violating the Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act – all of which are legislations in the state of California. 

Additionally, Maisel’s legal experts are accusing that the company has committed acts constituting a serious breach of warranty and unjust enrichment from the false claims it has made on its Ecover cleaning products. 

About S.C. Johnson & Son

S.C. Johnson & Son is a Winsconsin-based American multinational company responsible for the manufacturing of different home cleaning products and other consumer-targeted chemical solutions. 

Founded in 1886, the company is owned by the Johnson family and is currently headed by its CEO Herbert Frisk.

S.C. Johnson & Son tallied an estimated sales of $10 billion in 2017. 

Editor’s Note on Ecover Class Action Lawsuit:

This news article is aimed to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit alleging that the company S.C. Johnson & Son is making false claims that its Ecover cleaning products contain natural ingredients though the truth is the total opposite.   

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