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DSL Extreme trueSTREAM Class Action Lawsuit

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DSL Extreme trueSTREAM Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Telecom Evolutions In Court Over Falsely Advertising Its Internet Services

Telecom Evolutions LLC was charged with a class action lawsuit alleging that the company falsely marketed its service.

Ronald Chintz filed the class action lawsuit against Telecom Evolutions in a California federal court in 2018.

The class action lawsuit asserts that the company failed to meet user’s expectations regarding the speed and reliability of their DSL Extreme trueSTREAM service.

It argues that the company did not deliver what they had promised to consumers when the service was introduced.

The class action lawsuit aims to represent individuals who have purchased the DSL Extreme trueSTREAM fiber optic service from December 12, 2014.

DSL Extreme TrueSTREAM Service

The class action lawsuit states that internet service provider, DSL Extreme, introduced their trueSTREAM service in 2014. 

When it was introduced, the company claimed that the service would offer ultra-high-speed and a very reliable internet connection. It also adds that there will be no caps in their bandwidth.

The lead plaintiff contends that the company advertised to use fiber optic technology to deliver their promise. 

However, he attests that low-quality copper was used instead of the fiber optic, which resulted in poor service and internet connection.

Plaintiff Allegations

Ronald Chitz declares that he was a customer of DSL in 2016. 

He has availed and upgraded his contract to use DSL Extreme trueSTREAM service in July 2017. 

He adds that he decided to purchase the service because of the company’s advertisement to use fiber optic technology to provide a high-speed internet connection.

When his internet service was upgraded to use trueSTREAM, the lead plaintiff stated that his payment of DSL Extreme’s service increased from $14.95 per month to $17.95 per month.

However, he argues that the company has falsely advertised its service because it has failed to provide its promise of reliable high-speed connection.

The lead plaintiff believes that low-quality copper was used instead of fiber optic cables since the internet service provided was relatively slow compared to how fiber optics should perform.

Fiber Optic

Modern internet providers use fiber optic cable in their services because of its known ability to deliver high internet speeds. 

Compared to old traditional cables, fiber optic transmits data as light which is faster than using eclectic signals.

Fiber optic internet cables can transmit data up to 940Mb per second. Aside from this, the cables are more reliable than traditional ones because they can better withstand different weather conditions and interference. 

Because of this, most consumers have switched to using internet services that use fiber optic technology.

The lead plaintiff claims that the company took advantage of fiber optic’s reputation to falsely advertise their service as capable of providing the same benefits. 

He argues that the company mislabeled their service as using fiber optic to influence consumers to avail it and take profit.

The complainant contends that DSL Extreme’s service does not perform similarly to fiber optic service. He adds that the performance is only comparable to those using copper cables.

Editor’s Note on DSL Extreme trueSTREAM Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Telecom Evolutions, LLC alleging that the company falsely advertised its service.

Case Name & No.: Ronald Chintz v. Telecom Evolutions LLC, et al., 18-ST-cv-08068, Superior Court for the State of California

Products/Services: DSL Extreme’s trueSTREAM fiber optic internet service

Allegations: The company has falsely marketed their trueSTREAM service as using fiber optic technology

Status: Pending

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