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DraftKings Winning Bets Class Action Lawsuit - Refusing Winners

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DraftKings Winning Bets Class Action Lawsuit – Refusing Winners Of Their Money…

DraftKings Refuses To Pay Bettors’ Winnings, Class Action Contends 

Sports betting company DraftKings is being sued by one of its bettors for allegedly refusing to pay out winning bets made through the platform. 

Bettor Takes Action After Losing Money

Ryan Cristman is alleging that DraftKings violated the law when they didn’t pay him the winning bet he made via the platform. In his complaint, he argued that the company has done this systematically to refuse him and other customers their money. 

Plaintiff Cristman shared that he opened an account with DraftKings and made a bet on a game using the platform. With all the odds seem to be in his favor, he ended up placing a bet of almost a thousand dollars with expected potential winnings of almost five and a half thousand dollars. 

He added that he sent an email to the company before placing his bet. A DraftKings customer representative soon replied and wished him the best of luck on his bet. However, during the game, he noticed that his bet was incorrectly being shown as a different bet. No response was received from the company when Cristman reached out about it. 

When he logged in again on his account to collect his winnings, his original bet was considered a loss by the company’s system. 

Dissatisfied, he again reached out to the company to demand an explanation. Later on, he was told that his bet was indeed considered a loss. 

Additionally, they claimed that the system experienced a display glitch that led to him seeing his bet being placed differently from what he originally intended. As a result, they refunded his bet and gave him credit. 

Yet Cristman argued that his bet was a win and should not be considered as a loss. He pointed out that DraftKings violated their contract with him when they failed to properly honor his winning bet.

This act of not following through with their contractual obligations led to Cristman experiencing financial pain by not being able to enjoy their well-deserved winnings.

The class action lawsuit is seeking to form a nationwide class consisting of members all over the United States who have made a wager via Draftking’s Sportsbook that ended up incorrectly declared as a loss by the company. The plaintiff is asking the court to charge DraftKings for breach of contract.

About the company

DraftKings is a well-known daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 2012, the betting company currently employs more than 800 employees under its wing. DraftKings is the parent company of several other subsidiary companies ranging from Crown Gaming Inc. to Vegas Stats & Information Network. 

Editor’s Note on DraftKings Winning Bets Class Action Lawsuit:

This article aims to feature the latest class action lawsuit filed against betting company DraftKings for alleged breach of contract violations committed towards their bettors. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Cristman et al. v. DraftKings Inc.; Case No. 2:21-cv-11092-SDD-DRG

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan 

Allegation(s): DraftKings allegedly refused to pay out winnings of bettors though they deserved it in the first place. 

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