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Dove Stain Defense Class Action Lawsuit

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Dove Stain Defense Class Action Lawsuit – False Claims For Men’s Deodorants…

Class Action: Dove’s Antiperspirant Products Not Actually Stain-Free

A class action filed in the state of Missouri argued that Dove Men+Care Stain Defense deodorant products are deceptively advertised as an item that does not cause any stains on the user’s clothes. 

However, as the plaintiff contended, the said items, in fact, leave stain marks on clothing when used due to a substance used as its ingredient. 

Untrue Anti-Stain Claims

Conopco Inc., the company behind Unilever, is being accused in the class action of conducting mischievous acts such as making false representations regarding their Dove Men+Care products’ purported anti-stain properties. 

However, according to scientific research, one of the main ingredients that the company uses in its antiperspirant products is known to leave stain marks on clothing. 

Peter Fischer, the plaintiff in the class action lawsuit, contended that Dove’s Stain Defense deodorants contained a substance called aluminum. 

He cited different research and proven claims that the substance is known to cause stains on different clothing surfaces. 

This, according to him, made the company unqualified to make claims to its customers that its deodorant items indeed legitimately contain anti-stain properties.  

The complainant shared that he bought a Dove deodorant, thinking that it possesses the advertised anti-stain feature, yet found out that the claim was untrue. 

In the class action filing, he argued that he suffered an injury due to the specious misrepresentations declared by Unilever through its Dove stain defense deodorants. 

Fischer is suing Conopco, Inc. in court for several counts ranging from enriching themselves in an unjust manner to different breaches on warranty and implied contract. 

Additionally, he claimed that the company also made several violations of state law. A Nationwide Class is being proposed covering Dove Men+Care buyers who also fell victims to the company’s allegedly deceptive advertising with a Missouri subclass on the way as well.  

About Conopco, Inc.

Conopco Inc. is a company that makes and sells a variety of personal care products. The company is officially known to do business as Unilever – its parent organization. Founded in 1880, its current headquarters is located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 

Editor’s Note on Dove Stain Defense Class Action Lawsuit : 

This news article aims to provide you the latest class action news concerning Dove’s Men+Care deodorant items. Allegations were made that the company has been purposely misleading customers into believing that the aforementioned products are stain-free. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Peter Fischer v. Conopco, Inc. et al.; Case No. 4:21-cv-00582-JMB

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of Missouri

Products/Services Involved: Dove Men+Care Stain Defense deodorants 

Allegation(s): Unilever’s Dove Stain Defense products do not actually offer a stain-free experience to its users due to the presence of aluminum in its active ingredients. 

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