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Dove Real Mixed Berries Class Action

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Dove Real Mixed Berries Class Action – No Real Fruits & Berries…

Dove Real Mixed Berries Ingredients List Falsely Misrepresented – Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is contending that the company behind Dove Real Mixed Berries is misrepresenting the product’s actual ingredients. 

Filed in the United States (U.S.) District Fourth Southern District of New York, Richard Lyons’ complaint argue that Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., LLC is deceiving its customers into believing that its Dove Real Mixed Berries product only contains chocolate and fruit products. 

In relation to this, the company has deliberately included imagery and textual claims on its product’s label in order to establish this claim. 

The class action claims that Mars Wrigley included pictures of different fruits such as strawberry, blueberry, and cranberry that the company claims are used in the chocolate treat. 

Also, textual assertions placed on the product’s front label such as “Real Mixed Berries,” “Dipped in silky smooth dark chocolate,” and “Made with REAL FRUIT” cement the general consuming public perception that the company’s claims are indeed correct. 

Nevertheless, the plaintiff to the case contends that a simple look at Dove Real Mixed Berries’ ingredients list shows that, in fact, the fruit ingredients used have additional ingredients such as citric acid, ascorbic acid, and sugar. 

This reality runs counter to what the company is trying to peddle to the everyday customer.

The complaint adds that the context of the ‘made with real fruit’ statement as well as the inclusion of suggestive imagery leads the unsuspecting customers to believe that they are only getting unaltered and fresh fruit ingredients in the Dove Real Mixed Berries product.

“Defendant [Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., LLC) misrepresented the product through affirmative statements, half-truths, and omissions”, the class action lawsuit then said.

In addition, Lyons claims that these false claims have caused them along with other fellow customers to buy the much more expensive product instead of opting for a cheaper alternative due to the sole reason that they were made to believe that Dove Real Mixed Berries contain only fresh fruit products. 

Have they known the truth from the beginning, they would have gone with the less pricey competitor’s product, they claim. 

Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., LLC is accused by the complaint to have violated a number of federal and state-level consumer protection laws. 

Lyons is seeking to represent and establish a Class of fellow consumers who have bought Dove Real Mixed Berries.

They also wish the court to order the company to stop its allegedly misleading representation of the product as well as awarding monetary compensation for damages incurred due to the whole ordeal.  

About the company:

Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., LLC is an American multinational company based in Virginia. Responsible for a series of product offerings ranging from sweets and confectioneries to pet food products, the company was established in 1911 in Minnesota.

The company currently employs an estimated 130,000 employees in its workforce and has a revenue worth $35 billion reported in 2017. 

Editor’s Note on Dove Real Mixed Berries Class Action:

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