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Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Class Action Lawsuit

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Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Class Action Lawsuit – Is It Really Safe For Skin?

Dove Was Sued Over Falsely Advertising Their Product

Dove, a Unilever-owned personal care company, was charged with a class action lawsuit because they allegedly marketed their product as safe for the skin.

The Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit was filed by Aliyah Anderson, a New York resident, and the lead plaintiff. She filed the class action lawsuit in April 2021 at a New York federal court.

The lead plaintiff attests that Dove labeled their body wash as gentle to the skin and safe to use. However, she argues that this is false since the product contains ingredients that can cause skin reactions.

The class action seeks to represent New York residents who have purchased Dove’s body wash. They aim to get compensation from Unilever for damages they have incurred.

Dove’s Body Wash

The particular Dove product questioned by the class lawsuit is the Deep Moisture Body Wash.

According to the class action lawsuit, the said product was marketed by the company as microbiome gentle. Aside from this, the product was also labeled as having skin nourishers.

However, the lead plaintiff claims this is untrue because the product contains ingredients that can cause varying skin reactions.

The class action lawsuit states that aside from water, the product’s main ingredient is Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB). 

The Environment Working Group declares that CAPB has harmful effects when not properly washed off the skin. It is known to trigger varying skin reactions, including contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It also causes eye irritation.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lead plaintiff contends that the company marketed their products as gentle to the skin to take advantage of customers who will buy them. She adds that the company knowingly deceived its customers into taking profit from the product.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the product was labeled as having “skin-natural nourishers,” which gives customers the false impression that the product is natural. 

However, the product contains artificial ingredients. In total, the product includes seven artificial ingredients.

The lead plaintiff argues that she bought Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash multiple times in 2020. She contends that she purchased the product for a premium price of $5.99 because of the qualities stated in its label. She adds that she would not have bought buy the product if she knew the truth about them.

Editor’s Note on Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Dove because they allegedly falsely marketed their product.

Case Name & No.: Aliyah Anderson et al., v. the Unilever United States, 7:21-cv-03117, US District Court of New York

Products/Services: Dove’s Deep Moisturizing Body Wash

Allegations: Dove falsely advertised their body wash was as gentle, natural, and safe for the skin

Status: Pending

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