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DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit: Over $1 Billion of Your Tips Gone!

DoorDash Lawsuit – Where Are Your Tips Going?

A DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit has been filed after New York Times reporter, Andy Newman, underwent a bit of a career change and began acting as a DoorDash delivery worker, delivering meals across New York City. Newman documented his findings throughout an article he penned, titled What Our Reporter Learned Delivering Burritos to New Yorkers.

Newman went on to report that he was not tipped on nearly 2/3’s of his deliveries. He explained that DoorDash “effectively pockets tips made via the app,” and that in order for the delivery driver to ensure that they are tipped, whoever ordered the food would have to physically hand their delivery person cash, and opt out of the convenient tipping option through the app.

In beginning this journey, Newman assumed that the delivery fee embedded in the app would take care of the delivery person’s minimum wage, but due to the apps’ pay structure, these drivers are actually dependent on those cash tips (which are few and far between) to make themselves any livable wage, due to how low those required minimum payments are.

In essence, if a customer tipped through the app, in almost all cases, the money goes toward subsidizing DoorDash’s minimum payment guarantee for all drivers rather than increasing the individual delivery driver’s payment for her service, enabling DoorDash to pocket the delivery fee, and have their profits increase exponentially.

After Newman’s article surfaced, Z Law, LLC  decided to fight against this injustice, and protect consumers nationwide, filling a complaint in late July, 2019. Included in the complaint is a quote from Tech Journalist, Louise Matsakis, which seems to sum up the entire case nicely: “I don’t believe a single person intends to give a tip to a multibillion dollar venture-backed start up…They are trying to tip the person who delivered their order. This deceptive model should be illegal.”

Similarly, Attorney Cory L. Zajdel of Z Law, LLC has stated the following: “We believe that DoorDash’s tip skimming scheme helped DoorDash pocket more than $1 billion dollars in tips from more than 20 million DoorDash customers.”

A full copy of the DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit Complaint is below:

Are You Included in the DoorDash Class Action?

The DoorDash lawsuit is filed on behalf of all 20,000,000 people that placed an order through DoorDash and paid a tip through the DoorDash app. If you believe these parameters to include you, sign up to join the case today through the button below.

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Editor’s note on DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recently uncovered DoorDash lawsuit. For more information, please shoot us an email to, find us on Twitter, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from all of you.  Please note that this investigation piece has been sponsored by Z Law, LLC, and Consider The Consumer has received compensation for such sponsorship.

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2 thoughts on “DoorDash Class Action Lawsuit: Over $1 Billion of Your Tips Gone!”

  • Alan Conklin says:

    Shouldn’t the class of plaintiffs consist ONLY of the delivery drivers who were ripped off?

  • Sean Kempf says:

    Alan Conklin if i tipped the delivery person through their app….. they effectively stole my money from me as well as the delivery person.

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