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Discount Tire Written Estimates Class Action Lawsuit

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Discount Tire Written Estimates Class Action Lawsuit – Not Giving Written Bills Prior To Repair?

Discount Tire Co. Does Not Give Its Customers Written Estimates Prior To Performing Repair Orders

A Florida resident is taking the tire and wheel retail company Discount Tire Co. to court for alleged violations of the Sunshine State’s laws. 

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Floridian Customer Sues Discount Tire Co. 

Complainant Hillary Ring argues in the Discount Tire Written Estimates Class Action Lawsuit that Discount Tire reportedly does not give her and other buyers a written estimate of their repair orders prior to the actual performance of the repair job. 

Ring details that she was slapped with a fee that she did not approve for when she got a tire repair service at one of Discount Tire Co.’s locations. She adds that she was forced to pay an added $22 for each tire for an item in her bill called the ‘Installation & Life of Tire Maintenance.’ 

Hillary Ring v. Discount Tire Co.: What Does It Say

The Discount Tire Written Estimates Class Action Lawsuit explores how the wheel and tire retailer reportedly violates state consumer protection statutes. 

The filing narrates that sales representatives at Discount Tire Co. storefronts talk with their customers to discuss the kind and brand of the tire they would choose for purchase. However, instead of providing a written estimate before the tire installation, Ring contends that buyers are only given an oral estimate for their transaction. 

After receiving payment and performing the vehicle repairs, only then Discount Tire Co. employees hand their clients the written invoice of the repair order transaction, which shows the breakdown of the items and/or service the patron has paid for. 

The Discount Tire Written Estimates Class Action Lawsuit argues that the process is flawed as Ring and other customers are not given the opportunity to review the items and/or purchases they are going to pay for. In addition, no customer signature or checkmark showing the clients’ options were shown to the alleged victims. 

Plaintiff Ring is looking to form and represent a Class group consisting of Florida Discount Tire Co. customers who had to pay for a transaction of more than $100 and did not receive any written repair estimate from the company’s employees. 

Updates regarding this case will be posted here and on our other official communications channels. Stay tuned. 

Editor’s Note on Discount Tire Written Estimates Class Action Lawsuit: 

This class action news report aims to give you the latest details surrounding the class action alleging that Discount Tire Co. violates consumer protection law enforced in Florida. You might also be interested in Uber Eats Sales Tax Lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.: Hillary Ring v. Discount Tire Co.; Case No.: 4:21-cv-00441-AW-MAF

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Florida Tallahassee Division 

Allegation(s): Florida customers are not given a copy of the repair estimates prior to the repair from Discount Tire Co. – an alleged violation of the law.     

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