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DHL Delivery Driver Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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DHL Delivery Driver Class Action Lawsuit Filed; Seeks Fair Wages For Drivers

DHL Delivery Driver Class Action Lawsuit

DHL is facing a lawsuit accusing the delivery service company of not making sure that drivers of their delivery services are being paid with proper overtime wages.

The lawsuit claims that DHL introduced its “Parcel Metro” program in 2018, which lets the company contract local and regional delivery vendors for last-mile delivery services to customers, to meet the increasing demand for delivery services.

Delivery drivers and couriers—also called delivery associates – are paid by third-party logistics companies but use DHL-branded vans, wear DHL uniforms, and are provided by DHL with scanning devices. This confirms that these delivery associates represent DHL in the provision of delivery services.

You can refer to the case under this file: Jones v. DHL Express (USA) Inc. et al., Case No. 2:20-cv-02595, W.D. TN.

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What to Know About the DHL Delivery Driver Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit alleges that “DHL utilizes local and regional delivery vendors, such as Flyway, in order to transport goods across the country to customers in a short period of time.”

The lawsuit argues that DHL “has both influence and control” over how the drivers employed to work for their services are being paid and are legally responsible for ensuring the drivers receive proper wages. According to the lawsuit, “DHL supervises and controls the work activities, work schedules, conditions and management of delivery drivers or couriers. On information and belief, DHL disciplines delivery drivers or couriers for violations of their policies and procedures. If a delivery driver or courier fails to meet DHL’s expectations, they can be terminated by both DHL and Flyway personnel. Although DHL does not directly pay delivery drivers or couriers, its policies and practices regarding delivery goals and payment dictated the delivery vendors’ ability to pay the delivery drivers or couriers for overtime work.”

One complaint reported that a former DHL delivery driver had her paystubs manipulated to make it seem like she was being paid by the hour plus overtime, but the total pay was actually equivalent to a flat-rate pay.

  • Wage violations that DHL delivery drivers complained about in the lawsuit included:
  • Working more than 40 hours per week without time-and-a-half overtime pay
  • Working before or after their scheduled shift without compensation
  • Working through unpaid lunch breaks
  • Not getting proper rest breaks
  • Working off the clock
  • Working for a flat day rate that doesn’t include overtime wages

Editor’s note on the DHL Delivery Driver Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent DHL Delivery Driver Lawsuit. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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