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Denny's FLSA Class Action Lawsuit 2021 Jillian Parker

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Denny’s FLSA Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Unfair Minimum Wages And Tipping System For Workers…

Denny’s Violated Tip-Credit Provisions And Other Workers Rights, Class Action Contends

Denny’s, a table service diner-style food service chain, is in the middle of a class action lawsuit after allegedly violating their employees’ working rights.

Employee Exposes Management’s Misdeeds

Jillian Parker filed a class action lawsuit against her employer Denny’s, to which she contended that the Massachusetts location she worked at underpaid her wage along with her fellow servers. 

Parker further argued that the company’s franchise management has violated the provisions of the FLSA or Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to let her take a guaranteed part on the establishment’s ‘tip credit.’ 

The plaintiff contended that Denny’s failed to uphold their worker rights for similarly situated coworkers. Parker shared that she worked for Denny’s and was paid below the minimum wage standard. 

Furthermore, she detailed that the FLSA has set mandates that were supposed to help protect her and other workers’ rights in the workplace but nevertheless ignored by the management at Denny’s location where she worked at. 

Denny’s Violations Shared

Parker recalled that she worked for less than four dollars as an hourly rate, which was way below the minimum wage standard for Massachusetts where she is residing. 

Also, she and others were asked to perform non-tipped duties and responsibilities at work for more than 20 percent of her shift. These tasks range from helping to tidy up the restaurant to backdoor kitchen duties such as rolling silverware and the like. 

The said acts allegedly prevented the complainant of the chance to get tipped by diners. 

Additionally, her workplace supervisors did not inform her of the FLSA’s tip credit provisions that would have potentially benefited her and her workmates. In addition, the law requires business establishments to educate their workers about key details as part of their employment terms. 

Most notably, the legislation ordered the workers to stop collecting tip credits against their minimum wage obligations in the event of them not properly disseminating information about the FLSA’s tip credit subsection details. 

More Information

Filed in a federal court in Massachusetts, the Denny’s Worker Rights Class Action Lawsuit is asking forwarding their concern of establishing a Class that would cover and represent the legal interests of all former and current tipped Denny’s workers nationwide. 

Only those who have rendered their services to any of the diner’s locations and did not receive just compensation for their services under the provisions of the FLSA are included in the Class. 

Parker is also asking the court to allow for a Massachusetts Class to be formed as well.

The complainant is also demanding Denny’s to pay up for unpaid wages, inflicted damages, and the like. Denny’s has been embroiled in similar legal challenges in the past concerning issues that the company failed to properly compensate and pay their restaurant workers. 

About Denny’s

Denny’s, also referred to as Denny’s Diner, is a diner-style restaurant chain that operates more than a thousand restaurant locations all over the United States and select regions worldwide. 

Founded almost seven decades ago, Denny’s started off as a coffee shop which then morphed into its branding image known to its customers. Headquartered in South Carolina, the company employs more than three thousand employees as of 2020. 

Editor’s Note on Denny’s FLSA Class Action Lawsuit – Unfair Minimum Wages And Tipping System For Workers: 

This article features the class action lawsuit filed against Denny’s alleging that the company has committed transgressions on their employees’ rights. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Jillian Parker et al. v. Denny’s Inc.; Case No.: 4:21-cv-10886

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Products/Services Involved: Labor Rights And FSLA

Allegation: Denny’s failed to follow Fair Labor Standards Act.

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