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Demoulas Market Basket Coffee Class Action Lawsuit Over False Serving Capacity

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Demoulas Market Basket Coffee Class Action Lawsuit Over False Serving Capacity

Demoulas Super Markets Sued Over Alleged Incorrect Coffee Servings

Demoulas Super Markets, a popular supermarket chain, has been charged with a class action lawsuit due to an alleged false advertisement of their product.

The Lawsuit

The lead plaintiff, David Cohen, filed the class action lawsuit against Demoulas Super Markets in February 2021 in the Massachusetts District Court.

The lawsuit asserts that the company has misleadingly advertised the number of servings on their product.

The particular products in question are the ground coffee products sold under the Market Basket brand.

Plaintiff Allegations

The plaintiff declared that he had bought the House Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee and House Blend Medium Roast Decaffeinated Coffee under the Market Basket line.

The plaintiff adds that he has bought the product because it was marketed on their front label that the contents can make up to 79 and 76 cups.

However, the plaintiff argues that he could only make half of the number of cups from the container despite following the instructions and suggested serving.

The plaintiff claims that the label on the product’s container was deceptive. The lawsuit also alleges that the company has deceived its consumers since they could only get half the promised amount.

The false information in the label has misguided consumers into buying the product. The plaintiff also declares that customers would not have purchased the product if they were informed of the correct content.

Product Testing

The lawsuit states that expert tests have been conducted on the alleged products.

According to the tests, only 39 and 37 cups were produced from the products covered. 

The results showed that up to 40 and 39 cups are missing from what the company has stated on its label. This amounts to up to 51% loss from the consumers who have bought the product.

The plaintiff asserts that consumers were tricked into paying for the product at a higher value than what customers will get.

Related Laws

The lawsuit adds that the company’s misleading marketing is fraudulent and deceitful and that it breaks multiple laws:

  • Product Express Warranties, Massachusetts General Law under Chapter 106 Sections 2 to 313
  • Massachusetts General Law under Chapter 93A Section 2 
  • Massachusetts General Law under Chapter 266 Section 91

Related Cases

The lawsuit also declares that there have been similar claims related to their case. Some of these claims are against brands such as Target and Walmart.

The lawsuit adds that the claims covered in previous cases are similar to the allegations in this lawsuit.

The plaintiff also adds that retailers are aware of the implications of false marketing. He cited as an example a related case that was settled in November 2020.

In the related case, the lawsuit has resulted in a $20 million settlement. 

Several coffee manufacturers, including Bonus Blend, Great Value, Flavor Peak, Hannaford, Food Lion, Signature Select, and Market Pantry, were charged with a class action lawsuit due to misleadingly labeling the number of cups that their ground coffee products can produce.

Furthermore, big coffee manufacturers like Folgers, Maxwell House, and Kroger are also being investigated with similar claims due to their coffee products’ actual serving.

Editor’s Note on Demoulas Market Basket Coffee Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class lawsuit filed against Demoulas Market Basket due to alleged false coffee servings.

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