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Walmart And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Walmart And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Allegedly Failing To Protect Consumers’ Privacy…

Latest Class Action Claims That Walmart And CaptureRX Harmed Their Customers’ Privacy Rights In The Wake Of A Recent Hacking Incident 

Walmart and CaptureRx are being sued by an unnamed complainant for allegedly failing to protect the sensitive personal information of thousands of individuals that were exposed in a recent data breach incident a few weeks ago. 

Walmart And CaptureRX In Trouble With The Law

The two companies are accused by an anonymous plaintiff of violating the data privacy rights of their customers whose personal data has been compromised and was accessed by third-party agents without their prior consent. 

The class action lawsuit contended that both Walmart and CaptureRX failed to take precautionary measures to secure their systems that could have prevented the data breach fiasco from happening in the first place. 

The said negligence resulted in thousands of their customers’ information falling into the hands of evil hackers. Types of data that were illegally exposed include customer names, birthdates, and sensitive medical information. 

Both Companies Should Be Liable For Their Inactions And Actions – Class Action

Along with their insufficient preventive measures, the two companies also allegedly mismanaged and mishandled the situation, which ultimately led to their customers’ personal data being stolen by unauthorized entities. 

Furthermore, the unnamed complainant argued that they, along with other victims of the data breach incident, have a higher chance of being victimized by identity fraud attacks and the like in the future as a result of the whole ordeal.

The Walmart And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action asks the court to allow the formation of a Class covering Missouri residents who were victims of the recent data breach incident. 

Both Walmart and CaptureRX are facing different counts of breach of duty of confidentiality, breach of implied contract, negligence, and others in the upcoming legal proceedings. The class action is petitioning the court to grant the plaintiff their request of fees, costs, and interests being shouldered by the defendants. 

About the companies

Walmart Inc., or simply known as Walmart in this article, is a multinational corporation that runs and operates retail locations all over the United States. 

Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company was founded in 1962 and has grown to be a formidable player in the American retail landscape. Walmart has recorded revenue of almost $560 billion in 2021. Doug McMillion currently leads the company as its CEO. 

Meanwhile, CaptureRX is a company that provides technological solutions to different companies involved in the medical field nationwide. CaptureRX is based in San Antonio, Texas. 

Editor’s Note on Walmart And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit: 

This news feature aims to report on the class action filed against retail giant Walmart and medical solutions provider CaptureRX after they allegedly failed to protect customer privacy rights in the aftermath of a recent data hijacking incident. 

Case Name(s) & No.: D.W. et al., v. Walmar, Inc., et al.; Case No.: 4:21-cv-00363-SRB

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri 

Products/Services Involved: Consumers Private Data

Allegation(s): Walmart and CaptureRX failed to prevent a data breach fiasco from happening, along with claims that they failed to properly manage the ensuing events that further harmed customers. 

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