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Rite Aid And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Rite Aid And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Allowing Hackers To Gain Personal Data?

Rite Aid and CaptureRX Failed To Protect Customers’ Information From Hacking Incident

The latest class action lawsuit filing claims that both Rite Aid and CaptureRX failed to protect precious consumer information that ended up being accessed by unauthorized individuals in a data breach incident. 

Customer Files Class Action

Daisy Trujillo has claimed that pharmacy company Rite Aid and medical technology solutions provider CaptureRX did not take the proper steps to ensure the safety of her and other consumers’ private information, which was exposed in a data breach incident in February of this year. 

Trujillo argued that the hackers were able to access different types of information, including individuals’ names, birth dates, and prescription medications, and other sensitive private medical data. 

She shared that she was informed that her information was amongst the thousands that have gotten compromised in a data security breach perpetrated by online malevolent entities. 

Soon after, the complainant detailed that she started receiving a sea of spam email messages and phone calls as a result of her information being illegally accessed. 

According to her, the data breach could have been avoided in the first place if only Rite Aid and CaptureRX had set up and implemented proper security measures before the hacking incident. 

Additionally, the duo also failed to follow the proper protocol set up in the event of a data breach.

Class Action Details

The Rite Aid And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to sue both Rite Aid and CaptureRX for several alleged violations of federal and state of California laws and statutes. 

Plaintiff Trujillo also wants both companies to answer the different counts of breach of contract, negligence, breach of confidence, and others to the court via legal proceedings.

She is asking the court to allow her to form and represent a Class consisting of residents all over the United States who have fallen victim to the February data breach case and whose personal data were stolen by unauthorized entities. 

About The Defendants

Rite Aid Corporation, or simply Rite Aid, is a drugstore chain company founded in 1962 by Alex Grass. The company started as Thrift D Discount Center and has evolved to the Rite Aid brand that we are all familiar with today. 

With more than $20 billion in recorded revenue in 2019, Rite Aid has been ranked at the 150th spot of the 2020 edition of the Fortune 500 list. It has many subsidiaries under its belt namely, Thrifty PayLess, RediClinic LLC, and the like. 

Meanwhile, CaptureRX is a Texas-based health and medical technology solutions company founded in 2000. It is said that the company is currently working with more than 500 medical providers and hospitals almost across all of the states in the country. 

Editor’s Note on Rite Aid And CaptureRX Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This featured news aims to provide you the information in the latest class action filed against both Rite Aid and CaptureRX for different violations of the law when they allegedly failed to prevent insidious hackers from stealing vital personal data of their customers. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Daisy Trujillo et al. v. NEC Networks, et al.; Case No.: 5:21-cv-00523

Jurisdiction: United States District Court Western District of Texas San Antonio Division

Products/Services Involved: Consumers Personal Data

Allegation(s): Rite Aid and CaptureRX have transgressed many statutes in their handling of a recent data infiltration incident that hit them in February of this year. 

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