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ParkMobile Data Breach 2021

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ParkMobile Data Breach 2021 – Cashless Parking App Launched in New York City Last Year, Victim of a Data Breach…

ParkMobile Parking App

A data breach recently occurred at a company whose software allows New Yorkers to pay for parking meters without using cash, compromising users’ personal details.

According to ParkMobile, millions of people use their mobile devices to find and pay for parking. Individuals may use ParkMobile systems to pay for parking on the street and in garages without using a meter or a kiosk.

Additionally, ParkMobile accepts reservations for parking at concerts, sporting events, airports, and college campuses.

They assert that they are providing a more intelligent method of parking for people everywhere.

Today, they are committed to developing technology-based solutions that enable smart mobility and eliminate parking hassles.

ParkMobile’s Data Breach

After a tech blog revealed that the personal data of 21 million ParkMobile customers were being sold over the Internet, the company admitted the violation on its website earlier this month.

Customers’ email addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, mailing addresses, and “hashed passwords” were among the data stolen, according to the KrebsonSecurity site.

According to city records, ParkMobile has many limited contracts with New York City.
Last April, former City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg declared that the city would encourage drivers to use the app to minimize cash payments to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Statement from ParkMobile

The Department of Transportation is urging all New Yorkers to use Pay-By-Cell to eliminate physical cash transactions at their 14,000 parking meters.

Contactless Pay-by-Cell lowers the likelihood of public and employee exposure.

ParkMobile was listed as “the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America” in a statement released by the City at the time.

According to ParkMobile spokesman Jeff Perkins, the organization first learned of a cybersecurity incident in March.

As a result, the company conducted an investigation with the help of a leading cybersecurity company to resolve the incident right away.

They stated that they quickly fixed the third-party flaw and promised to continue to maintain and track their systems’ security.

ParkMobile has also contacted the relevant law enforcement agencies out of an abundance of caution.

According to Transportation Department spokesman Scott Gastel, the DOT is talking with ParkMobile about the situation.

City Hall spokeswoman, Laura Feyer, said in an interview that New York City Cyber Command is aware of this incident and works with DOT and ParkMobile to improve security and minimize any impacts.

The company also advised customers to update their passwords to protect their accounts and information further.

According to a statement released on April 15, ParkMobile’s own investigation into the data breach found that license plate numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers had been compromised. Still, no credit card details had been obtained.

According to the statement, “encrypted passwords were accessed, but not the encryption keys needed to read them.”

ParkMobile assures the government that they don’t collect Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or dates of birth.

Gemini Advisory, an intelligence company that tracks cybercrime forums, told KrebsonSecurity about the hack.

Gemini discovered ParkMobile account details in a thread on a Russian-language forum, according to the website.

New York City Hall and DOT have been contacting Gemini for further information, but all messages sent to Gemini were not returned.

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