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CVS Zinc Sun Lotion Class Action Lawsuit 2021

Consumer Class Actions

CVS Zinc Sun Lotion Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – False Chemical-free Claims…

CVS Health Clear Sunscreen Items Have Hidden Chemicals

In the latest class action lawsuit, the makers and distributors of CVS Sunscreen products have been accused of misleading customers into believing that they contain safe mineral ingredients when they actually contained undeclared synthetic chemicals.

Ann Kenney filed a class action lawsuit against both CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and Fruit of the Earth, Inc.

Kenney contended that the duo’s alleged consumer deception had led to them making millions of dollars in profits while violating several state and federal laws. 

The two companies are behind CVS Health Clear Zinc Lotion and CVS Health Clear Zinc Sun Lotion, both of which are at the center of the class action allegations. 

She shared that she bought a bottle of CVS sun lotion more than a year ago after she believed in the two company’s upfront representations that it only contains zinc as stated in its label. Also, the pair pushes to its customers that its products are mineral-based and do not contain any potentially harmful ingredients. 

Nevertheless, Kenney soon found out that the sun lotion product she has bought from CVS contained another active ingredient that was not properly disclosed to consumers like her. 

According to her, it was a move by the two to profit off their customers that are specifically looking into buying products that are said to be free of chemicals. 

As a result, consumers who have fallen into CVS and Fruit of the Earth’s misleading claims have been left with a product or item that they did not desire in the first place. 

CVS Zinc Sun Lotion Class Action Lawsuit 2021

Class Action Details

The CVS Zinc Sunscreen Lotion Class Action Lawsuit is filed in a federal court in California. Complainant Kenney is suing both CVS Pharmacy and Fruit of the Earth for different alleged violations of the provisions of the False Advertising Law, California Unfair Competition Law, and others. Furthermore, she has raised concerns that the duo has committed different counts of unjust enrichment and breach of express warranty. 

Besides the abovementioned details, the class action is asking the court to allow the formation of a Class that would encompass customers nationwide that have bought the allegedly misrepresented sunscreen items. Kenney is also seeking to form and represent a Subclass consisting of residents from California. 

About The Defendants

CVS Pharmacy Inc., or simply called CVS in this case, is a retail company under CVS Health. Founded in Massachusetts more than four decades ago, the company is now mainly based in Rhode Island. Larry J. Merlo heads the company and is currently serving as its CEO since his appointment to the said position in 2011. 

On the other hand, Fruit of the Earth is a family-run and owned business in Texas that makes and sells a variety of health-related products such as sunscreens, skincare items, and the like. Founded in 1980, the company at present employs more than two hundred employees under its wing. 

Editor’s Note on CVS Zinc Sun Lotion Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature aims to provide you the latest information concerning the class action lawsuit filed against both CVS and Fruit of the Earth for allegedly not informing their customers of the presence of hidden chemicals on their sunscreen offerings. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Ann Kenney et al. v. CVS et al.; Case No.: 3:21-cv-01016-JLS-MSB

Jurisdiction: United States District Court Southern District of California

Products/Services Involved: CVS Health Clear Zinc Sun Lotion and CVS Health Clear Zinc Lotion

Allegation(s): Both CVS and Fruit of the Earth misled and profited off of their customers after they have made untrue statements about their sunscreen products not having chemical ingredients though the truth is the polar opposite. 

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