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CVS Advanced Formula Sanitizer Class Action Lawsuit

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CVS Advanced Formula Sanitizer Class Action Lawsuit – Does It Kill 99.99% Germs?

A complainant has taken American retail company CVS to court for allegedly misleading consumers into falling for its false claims regarding the effectiveness of its hand sanitizer product. 

Joseph Mier seeks to hold CVS accountable for its malicious claims that its Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs. 

Mier details that he bought a bottle of the said CVS Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer way back in late-2019 because he had believed that the product will kill almost all of the germs – as CVS heavily advertised itself. 

Nevertheless, Mier points out that there are many scientific studies that debunk such claims. 

He shares that alcohol-based hand sanitizers, just like CVS Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer does not kill many types of germs, contrary to the claims and marketing tactics devised by the company. 

In fact, studies have also shown that microorganisms that are supposedly targeted by alcohol-based hand sanitizers are becoming resistant to alcohol. 

Plaintiff Mier remained steadfast that the company’s ‘kills 99.99% of germs’ statement is false and untrue. 

This claim is made by CVS and is prominently placed on the product’s label. 

However, there is a small asterisk that relates to an additional statement in the product’s back label. 

It says that the claim only pertains to protection from everyday harmful germs and bacteria and not all of the bacteria as what is initially claimed in the front label. 

The class action lawsuit claims that CVS was able to make more than $7 million by selling their CVS Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer product that contained allegedly misleading product claims. 

Mier points out that everyday consumers just like him will be relying heavily on the claims of the potency of a product before buying it. 

However, CVS has failed to be clearer with the reality of its product that it does not actually kill 99.99% of germs. 

If this was made clear from the very beginning, customers would be more hesitant in purchasing the product. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, the CVS Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer Class Action Lawsuit aims to establish a Class consisting of members of California residents who have bought CVS hand sanitizer product in the last four years.  

Mier first filed suit against CVS in May last year, and a few months later, CVS’s legal team has asked the court to dismiss the case – calling out Mier as an opportunist who has not even made the claim that it used the CVS Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer product. 

This is an ongoing suit and we here at Consider The Consumer will continue on covering this matter. Stay tuned to our official communication channels below. 

About CVS

CVS Pharmacy referred to as CVS in this feature, is a retail company based in Rhode Island. Originally known as Consumer Value Store, the company is owned by its parent company CVS Health.

CVS has a number of subsidiaries under its belt, namely MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark, Aetna, etc. The company is currently headed by its CEO Larry J. Merlo. 

Editor’s Note on CVS Advanced Formula Sanitizer Class Action Lawsuit:

This feature aims to inform you of the CVC sanitizer class action lawsuit filed against CVS alleging that it has made misleading pronouncements regarding its hand sanitizer product.

It allegedly does not kill 99.99% of germs, contrary to the company’s claims through the product’s labeling. 

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