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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Sued By More Than 1500 Gym Owners

The Cuomo Class Action; The Gym Lawsuit Against Andrew Cuomo, Explained

This pandemic has led to the closures of various establishments all over the world. To open their gyms to the public, more than 1500 gym owners filed a class action lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York state, and the state attorney general.

Various gyms such as CrossFit, Pilates studios, yoga centers, and big-box gyms join forces to sue the governor. According to Attorney James G. Mermigis who presented the gyms, aside from having the reopening of gyms immediately, they are also trying to compensate for the lost revenue over the previous months.

“All these gyms want the same thing. They want to be able to open up in the same way other businesses have been opening up,” Mermigis stated. “They want to be able to open up their businesses to prove they can open up safely, just like all these other businesses—like Walmart, Target, etc…”

Is It Okay to Hit the Gym?

Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo rebutted that heading to a gym is a “dangerous activity.” Thus, the reopening of gyms will not be possible for now. “Gyms have been a nationally identified source of infections,” Cuomo stated at a press conference. “We know from the other states they’ve been highly problematic.”

Despite Cuomo’s disapproval, Crunch has been actively posting social media messages to urge New York members to appeal to local officials and urge them to reopen gyms.

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Editor’s note on the Cuomo Lawsuit:

Are you highly affected by the closure of these gyms? Kindly fill out the form provided, below. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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