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CSC Laundry Cards Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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CSC Laundry Cards Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Hidden Charges & Refund Fees

CSC ServiceWorks, Inc., a commercial laundry and air vending service provider, has been charged with a class action lawsuit alleging that the company misled their customers about the information on their laundry cards.

Jennifer Haynes-Glenn, the lead plaintiff, filed the class action lawsuit against CSC in February 2021 at a southern New York federal court.

She asserts that the company has deceived customers about the information on their laundry cards.

She adds that CSC has also imposed customers to pay for hidden charges using the laundry cards.

The class action lawsuit seeks to represent a nationwide class and a New York subclass.

It aims to compensate affected class members, and the plaintiff, for damages that the company has caused.

CSC Laundry Cards

The class action lawsuit declares that CSC provides cash cards or laundry cards.

The laundry cards are designed to be used when customers use CSC’s laundry machines.

The laundry cards are reloadable at CSC’s Laundry Card Stations.

The lead plaintiff complains that CSC charges customers with hidden fees for using the cards. 

She also adds that the laundry card can be an inconvenience because it can only be used in some laundry machines.

In particular, the laundry card is only compatible with some laundry machines located in single residential buildings.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lead complainant argues that the laundry cards have some limitations, including not being available for use on all laundry machines provided by CSC.

She adds that the company also limits the amount that can be reloaded to the laundry card.

Aside from this, the lead plaintiff insists that the company deducts charges to customers when they use the card. 

The amount deducted varies on the size of the dryer and washer used.

The charges include an amount of 3.75 and 4.25, which can significantly accumulate as customers continue to use CSC’s services.

The class action lawsuit asserts that since the amount charged to the customers is not divisible to the amount they are allowed to reload to the laundry card, most laundry cards are left with balances.

It contends that the amount charged to customers is calculated in a way that will not allow the cards to have a balance of 0.

It also adds that CSC claims that customers can refund the balance remaining on their laundry cards.

However, the lead plaintiff argues that customers were not informed that there would be hidden costs and handling fees when claiming the refund.

She contends that the handling fee amount can be equal to the price of using a washer or dryer, and customers are required to pay this fee before they can redeem their balance.

The lead plaintiff also maintains that CSC disregards refund requests making it harder for customers to get their laundry card’s balance. 

Aside from this, the company also changes laundry cards without informing customers, resulting in unusable old cards that are difficult to refund.

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