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Costco Interstate Battery Warranty Class Action Lawsuit

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Costco Interstate Battery Warranty Class Action Lawsuit – Free Battery Replacement Scam…

Costco’s Free Battery Replacement Warranty Not Actually Free – Class Action Claims 

Costco is being hit with a class action lawsuit for allegedly misleading and tricking its customers into believing one of its battery replacement programs is free, but it actually ends up charging them more for a new substitute.

Customer Sues Costco

Florida complainant John Skrandel has decided to sue the membership-only retail giant Costco after they allegedly deceived him and other customers of their free vehicle battery replacement warranty program. 

Skrandel is referring to Costco’s car warranty replacement option guaranteed on their Interstate batteries.

Allegedly, Costco promised to replace an Interstate battery if it fails during the guaranteed three-year warranty period from the date of purchase. 

Many Costco consumers, alongside the complainant, decided to avail themselves of the product for they believe that the retailer would uphold its promise and give them a free replacement in accordance with their battery replacement program. 

However, the Florida man found out that the company is not honest with the replacement warranty they promised to give on the Interstate products they feature in-store. 

Skrandel shared that his Interstate battery ended up failing within the 36-month warranty period. He decided to go to his local Costco to avail of the warranty, but he got refunded of his original purchase instead. 

Additionally, he was billed with a higher fee for a new and more expensive replacement for his defective car battery.

Retailer Illegally Tricking Its Customers

This was called out by Skrandel in his legal action against Costco. He argued that the company cannot qualify for their car battery replacement program in any way. Also, he alleged that he was not given any proper disclosures about the terms of the program and how it would lead him to be footing the bill for a more expensive replacement to the damaged car battery. 

Costco is facing different counts of fraud and breach of warranty in addition to violating several of the Sunshine State’s consumer protection laws and regulations. 

Skrandel is seeking to form and represent a Nationwide Class consisting of members who bought a car battery from Costco, believing that they would get a free replacement under one of its warranty programs. 

A Florida Subclass is also underway. The class action lawsuit is also aiming to ask Costco to pay up for damages and halt their allegedly misleading and deceptive warranty replacement terms.

About the company

Costco Wholesale Corporation, or simply known as Costco, is a membership-based retailer known for its large number of product offerings with steep price discounts offered on its warehouses. Shoppers need to pay an annual membership fee to be allowed to shop at any of the retailer’s ginormous locations. It is considered to be one of the biggest retailers in the globe. 

Editor’s Note on Costco Interstate Battery Warranty Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature aims to report to you the latest class action recall involving Costco and one of their replacement warranty programs.

Case Name(s) & No.: Skrandel v. Costco Wholesale Corporation; Case No. 9:21-cv-80826-RKA

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Products/Services Involved: Interstate brands warranty replacement program

Allegation(s): Costco deceives its customers of the truth of the terms of its supposed free car replacement service program. 

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