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CoSport Tokyo 2020 Olympics Refund Class Action Lawsuit - Plaintiffs Demand 100% Refund On Cancelled Tickets Due To Covid-19

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CoSport Tokyo 2020 Olympics Refund Class Action Lawsuit – Plaintiffs Demand 100% Refund On Cancelled Tickets Due To Covid-19…

CLASS ACTION UPDATE: US Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ticket Reseller Pleads Court To Dump Charges Against It As Customers File Case To Demand Full Refund 

Tokyo Olympics official ticket reselling company CoSport has petitioned the court to halt and dissolve all the impending legal proceedings in relation to the class-action lawsuit filed against them after they reportedly did not give full refunds to ticket buyers after COVID-19-related restrictions barred spectator attendance in the majority of the sporting events. 

Ticket Company CoSport Moves To Have Class Action Against Them Dropped 

CoSport is requesting the judge in a federal court in New Jersey to drop the charges filed against them in the CoSport Tokyo 2020 Olympics Refund Class Action Lawsuit. 

The class action, filed by plaintiffs Suzanne Caruso, Tiffany Loya, April Adams, Jared McCallister, and George Peaslee, contended that the ticket reselling company should release full refunds to the ticket purchasers who paid for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics held in Japan’s capital. 

Additionally, Caruso and others have argued that the terms and conditions set forward by CoSport allowed for such refunds to happen, especially after the world has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is reported that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizers decided to push through with the international sporting event, although they faced massive delays and difficulties brought upon by COVID-19. 

Sports Spectators Not Allowed To Watch Games In Person, CoSport Ticket Holders Demand Full Refunds

Due to the nature of the covid-19 virus, many spectator events were barred from being attended by onlookers, including those who paid for tickets just to attend and see players compete in different sport categories. 

Among those who were not allowed to watch the events in person were complainants Suzanne Caruso and others. One of them even reportedly paid more than $16,000 worth of tickets from CoSport to watch a handful of sporting events in Tokyo in person. Yet like the others, they were not allowed to attend any of the events they bought tickets for. 

On their part, CoSport reportedly went ahead and refunded 75% of the ticket price each buying customer paid for instead of handing out a full-price ticket refund. The company has offered to give a full pried refund via credit too. 

They argued that they have experienced a shakedown and cannot afford to pay back a full price for their Tokyo 2020 Olympics tickets. 

About CoSport

Established in the year 2000, Jet Set Sports LLC, d/b/a CoSport, or simply called CoSport in this feature, is a ticket reselling company that is working with the officials of the Olympics to sell and offer tickets to spectators in the United States. The company is owned and founded by Sead Dizdarevic.

Editor’s Note on CoSport Tokyo 2020 Olympics Refund Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature shares the latest class action developments in the case filed against the country’s officially designated Olympics ticket distributor, CoSport. Complainants demand that CoSport hand them back the full refund on their tickets. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Suzanne Caruso et al. v. Jet Set Sports LLC, d/b/a CoSport; Case No.: 3:21-cv-09665

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

Products/Services Involved: Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics sporting events tickets 

Allegation(s): CoSport denied giving their customers a full refund on their Tokyo 2020 Olympics tickets after authorities restricted the number of attendees allowed to watch different sports live. 

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