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Comcast TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

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Comcast TCPA Class Action Lawsuit – Illegal Robocalls To Unconsented Customers?

Comcast Made Illegal Robocalls To Phone Number Owners, Violated TCPA

The multinational telecommunications company Comcast is accused of alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in a recent class action lawsuit after it reportedly made unlawful robocalls to phone owners. 

Channel Aweau v. Comcast Corporation

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Plaintiff Argues That Comcast Transgressed TCPA And Made Unwanted Robocalls In Class Action

The Comcast TCPA Class Action Lawsuit is a case filed by Channel Aweau. She claims that she repeatedly received unauthorized robocalls from Comcast in relation to an account that she did not own.  

Aweau denies any customer relationship with the company and adds that she consistently asked for it to not call her ever again. Despite the repeated requests, she kept receiving numerous robocalls from Comcast. 

Based on the class action claims, it is alleged that Comcast is fully aware of the mishaps that are reportedly caused by a system failure on its end. In fact, the telecommunications giant has faced or is currently facing similar suits pertaining to its purported violation of the TCPA’s provisions. 

Further Information About The Channel Aweau v. Comcast Corporation

The Comcast TCPA Class Action Lawsuit contends that the illegal and unwanted robocalls have caused harm to the plaintiff and others like her.

It cites the lost time phone owners have incurred every time they attend to answering an unsolicited robocall, the general nuisance the calls caused to the victims and even potential privacy invasion concerns. 

Complainant Aweau is seeking to obtain the court’s approval of a Class group that she wants to represent in the upcoming legal proceedings. Once approved, the collective will cover anybody in the United States who happened to receive an unwanted and illegal robocall from Comcast in the preceding four years. 

Early reports suggest that Aweau wants the company to pay each eligible victim $500 for each phone call made and $1,500 for each robocall made with the knowledge that it violates the provisions of the TCPA. 

Editor’s Note on Comcast TCPA Class Action Lawsuit: 

This post discusses the class action filed against Comcast for the company’s purported repeat violations of the TCPA law. Comcast is also facing a lawsuit for its alleged privacy violation.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Channel Aweau v. Comcast Corporation; Case No.: 211100417

Jurisdiction: Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Civil Trial Division  

Allegation(s): Comcast made illegal robocalls and continued to reach out to phone owners who already stated that they did not want to be the recipient of such calls.      

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