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Comcast Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

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Comcast Privacy Class Action Lawsuit – Keeping Customers’ Private Data Forever?

Comcast Privacy Class Action Complainant Requests Court To Not Allow Arbitration, Requests For Review From Authorities 

The plaintiff in the Comcast Privacy Class Action Lawsuit case is asking to halt the arbitration process due to a handful of reasons. 

Arbitration To Stop 

Chief complainant Brandon Hodges is asking to have a recent court announcement to move the class action proceedings to arbitration be reconsidered. 

The Comcast Privacy Class Action is a lawsuit brought up against Comcast by Hodges alleging that the telecommunications giant keeps its customers’ private information for an indefinite time. 

On his latest manifestation, Hodges asked the court to hear the case’s merits again based on the rules of court in the state of California. Furthermore, he cited a previous court ruling that seemed to not be followed in how the Comcast Privacy Class Action was handled. 

As of writing, this legal case is still ongoing, and no resolution has been settled yet by the parties involved. Consider The Consumer will continue to report on this matter until its end. 

Brian Hodges v. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC Privacy Class Action

Filed by leading plaintiff Hodges, the Comcast Privacy Class Action Lawsuit aims to challenge the privacy notice Comcast employs on its clients. 

It is believed that there are no specific details mentioned in the company’s privacy policy that inform consumers about the span of how long Comcast plans their personal data themselves after the inactivation of subscriptions. 

In addition, the class action suit contends that the telecommunications company’s actions violate the California Invasion of Privacy Act. 

Editor’s Note on Comcast Privacy Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature discusses the latest updates surrounding the developments in the privacy class litigation filed against Comcast by plaintiff Brian Hodges. We also suggest you read the AT&T DirecTV Lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.: Brian Hodges v. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC; Case No.: RG18893764

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda

Allegation(s): Comcast failed to follow the law by not providing clear provisions as to how long it plans to take hold of its subscribers’ personal information.     

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