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Cloud 9 Smoke Company Class Action Lawsuit; Unsolicited Text Messages Consider The Consumer

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Cloud 9 Smoke Company Class Action Lawsuit; Unsolicited Text Messages

Cloud 9 Class Action

A recent Class Action Lawsuit was filed against Cloud 9 Smoke Company after it was reported that the company began sending unsolicited text massages as part of a marketing campaign to advertise their products and services. Here’s what we know about the Cloud 9 Lawsuit.

Per the complaint (embedded below) there were at least 6 occasions where the plaintiff, Zachary Freeman, tried stopping these Cloud 9 text messages per an unsubscribe option, to no avail.

Furthermore, the plaintiff, and all others similarly situated, never provided Cloud 9 with consent to receive these text messages. However, even if consent was given, Mr. Freeman did try and stop these text messages on numerous occasions, to which the company ignored.

Class Definition for Cloud 9 Smoke Company Lawsuit

Per the complaint, the class definition reads as follows: Plaintiff and all persons within the United States, within the four years immediately preceding the filing of this Complaint, Defendant or some person acting on Defendant’s behalf sent a text message to their cellular telephone advertising Defendant’s goods and/or services, through the use of the same or materially similar telephone dialing equipment as that which was used to send the texts at issue to the Plaintiff.

A full copy of the Cloud 9 Smoke Company Class Action is Below:

Editor’s note on the Cloud 9 Lawsuit:

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This case can be found under the reference name and number: Freeman v. Cloud 9 Smoke Company, Inc., Case Number: 1:19-cv-01509

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