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Clinique Probiotics class action

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Clinique Live Probiotics Class Action – False Claims…

Clinique Skincare Products Do Not Contain Any Live Probiotics, Runs Counter To Its Own Claims

Cosmetics company Clinique has been accused of claiming that its skincare products contained live probiotics in them when the actual truth is the complete opposite.

According to plaintiff Dalit Cohen, Clinique has “falsely advertised that the product purported contained ‘probiotic technology’” to its consumers, hiding the truth just lying around in plain sight to which no ordinary consumer can spot on unless they have got a pair of trained eyes. 

Cohen shared that they have bought a Clinique’s Redness Solution Daily Cream the previous year because they have completely believed in the company’s claims that the product, along with others, has ‘probiotic technology’ and ‘microbiome technology’ – properties of which they were looking for their skin. 

However, the plaintiff later found out that this is impossible as the said product also contained a slew of preservatives that would inhibit the growth and sustenance of probiotic organisms allegedly contained in the product. 

Clinique is officially accused of violating New York laws concerning the regulation of deceptive and misleading practices by businesses and other entities, as well as false and misleading advertising tactics. 

As a result of Clinique’s misleading advertising of its skincare products, Cohen and other consumers ended up paying more to buy a product that they believe has live probiotics in them. 

The class action lawsuit contends that Cohen, along with other customers, would not have paid extra for Clinique skincare products or could have opted out of purchasing a Clinique product altogether have they known that the products did not contain any live probiotics in them. 

Filed in the United States District Court Southern District of New York, Cohen’s class action is seeking to establish and represent in court a nationwide Class of Clinique customers that believed that its products contained probiotics when they made their purchase and a subclass in their native state. 

About Clinique

Cosmetics brand Clinique is under its parent company Estee Lauder.

Officially known as Clinique Laboratories, LLC, the company makes a variety of cosmetics and other related products which are usually sold in high-end boutiques around the world.

The Clinique brand is estimated to be valued at $6.2 billion in 2020 – an increase from $5.38 billion recorded the year prior. 

Editor’s Note on Clinique Live Probiotics Class Action:

This article is aimed to inform you of the class action alleging that Clinique falsely claims its skincare products contain probiotics when the truth is the complete opposite. 

What are your thoughts on this piece? Are you affected by this lawsuit?

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