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Hood’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream class action Lawsuit

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Class Action Lawsuit Says Hood Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Misleads With False Representations

Hood Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Is Not Made Entirely Of Natural Vanilla

A class action lawsuit was brought against HP Hood LLC for allegedly deceiving and misleading consumers into thinking that their Vanilla Bean ice cream product contains mostly natural vanilla. 

The product packaging itself claims in its front label that it is a “Vanilla Ice Cream With Ground Vanilla Beans,” which leads consumers to believe that the ice cream is of real vanilla flavor.

The complaint further stresses that the product packaging and marketing has consumers believing that it has more vanilla than it actually does. 

But it fails to disclose that the flavor of the dessert actually mostly comes from artificial vanillin and not from the ‘Natural Flavor’ of vanilla like it claims it does.

You can learn more about the case under Binns et al. v. HP Hood LLC, Case No. 21-cv-319, S.D. N.Y.

Ground Vanilla Beans Have No Flavor

According to the class action lawsuit, the ground vanilla beans purported to in the product packaging are no more than “exhausted vanilla bean seeds” that provide no added vanilla flavor to the dessert.

Vanilla ice cream is typically flavored with vanilla extract. Those that contain vanilla beans usually get their flavor from the seeds found in the vanilla pod. 

These are scraped out and added to the dessert, which appears as tiny black specks. This supposedly gives the ice cream a ‘more intense’ vanilla flavor than the regular vanilla ice cream.

In fact, vanilla extract is a vanilla concentrated solution that is extracted from the seeds themselves. This should mean that ice cream with vanilla beans in them has a more intense vanilla flavor.

However, Hood’s Vanilla ice cream doesn’t. The dark specks seen in the ice cream have been found to be a flavorless byproduct produced from vanilla extract. 

The lawsuit alleges that “exhausted” seeds that were already used to extract flavor to produce vanilla extract were purchased and used in the product. 

This was done to give the appearance of real vanilla beans in the ice cream. However, the seeds “are incapable of imparting any flavor.”

According to the complaint, the exhausted vanilla specks in Hood’s vanilla ice cream “deceives consumers because they are unaware that the seeds are added to the Product after all flavors have been removed.” 

This means that Hood’s marketing of its Vanilla Bean Ice Cream “designed to – and does – deceive, mislead, and defraud” consumers, who would have no way of knowing that the product’s flavor actually came from synthetic vanillin and that the ‘ground vanilla beans’ have no flavor left in them.

Editor’s Note on the Hood Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent class action suit filed against Hood regarding its Vanilla Bean ice cream that was allegedly falsely marketed.

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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