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Citi Home Depot Credit Card Fees Class Action Lawsuit

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Citi Home Depot Credit Card Fees Class Action Lawsuit – Citi Charged Illegal Balance Protection Scheme Fees?

Citi Gets Embroiled In Class Action Lawsuit For Allegations Of Illegal Credit Card Fees

Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. is accused of allegedly charging hidden fees in relation to their balance protection scheme to their customers who also happen to own a credit card with them used at Home Depot. 

Plaintiff Jacob Adoni decided to file a class action lawsuit against credit card company Citi Credit Services, Inc. after the company failed to inform him of the balance protection fees that he got charged for. 

He detailed that he signed up for a Home Depot credit card, and he ended up incurring fees on it without his prior knowledge or expressed permission. 

Additionally, Adoni shared that he didn’t know that he was enrolled in the company’s balance protection program back in 2018.

 He was included in the program when he signed up for a Home Depot credit card at a store in Long Island, New York, during the same time. 

Oblivious at first, he soon contacted the number indicated on his statement to ask for more details and information, yet he only obtained unclear feedback from them – failing to discuss the costs of joining the program, its coverage, and the program’s eligibility. 

Adoni ended up racking up fees of around USD$4,000. This meant that he had paid more than $40 monthly for the balance protection program fees. 

The Citi Home Depot Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit was filed in a New York City federal court in mid-April this year to challenge Citi Credit Services Inc. to take responsibility for their misdeeds and deceptive behavior. 

Citi Illegal Practices Exposed

Lead Plaintiff Jacob Adoni claimed that the company had conducted acts that enabled them to be able to sign up customers in the balance protection program without them knowing.

The class action lawsuit alleged that the company’s call center staff and partner Home Depot personnel were incentivized to sign up customers into the program. 

When the once oblivious customer has gotten wind of the program’s extra fees, they ask customer representatives to discontinue their inclusion in the program. 

However, these requests were either disregarded or not followed through by the receiving personnel. 

Citi Credit Services, Inc. decided to pay up affected customers back in 2015, following a Consent Order which saw an estimated nine million cardholders receiving payout checks amounting to 12 months worth of balance protection fees. 

The company reportedly paid up $700 million in damages as a result of the whole ordeal. 

Adoni, however, complained that he never received his share of the payout scheme, and his enrollment in the malicious program never got canceled. 

Seeking retribution in court, he filed the Citi Home Depot Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit to form a Class consisting of New York residents that were also victims of the program. 

Citi Credit Services, Inc. is slapped with allegations of violating business law. In addition to that are counts of unjust enrichment and breach of contract. 

About the company

Citicorp Credit Services, Inc., also known as Citigroup Inc. or simply Citi, is a New York multinational investment bank and financial services company. 

The company has recorded revenue of USD 74.3 billion in 2020 and employs more than 200,000 employees worldwide. 

Editor’s Note on Citi Home Depot Credit Card Fees Class Action Lawsuit: 

This latest feature aims to give you information on the proposed class action lawsuit against Citi for their misdeeds.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Adoni v. Citicorp Credit Services Inc.; Case No.: 2:21-cv-02108

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York

Products/Services Involved: Credit card service

Allegation(s): Citicorp Credit Services Inc. failed to inform its client cardholders of the additional fees they would incur when they signed up for a Home Depot card.  

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