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Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Developers Scamming Gamers Into Believing A False Game Release

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Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Developers Scamming Gamers Into Believing A False Game Release?

Gaming Enthusiast Sues Company For Aborted Game After Purchases Cost Them $20k

A Californian gaming enthusiast is suing a game company to court after he reportedly paid $20,000 worth of digital gaming goods in a game that was promised to be released, yet no final product was presented. 

Game Developer Duped Enthusiastic Customers

The class-action lawsuit, filed in a California court, is accusing Souldbound Studios USA or SBS and Soulbound Studios, LLC of raking in money from their customers as they promised to develop a game, yet they did not and refused to issue refunds to affected clients. 

Complainant James Falls argued that both Soulbound Studios, LLC and Soulbound Studios USA made a huge profit off customers who assumed that they were going to enjoy a game that ended up being unreleased to the public. 

The class-action lawsuit stemmed from when the defendants promised fans of a future game release of a role-playing game that was still in the works. Back in 2016, SBS announced the beginning of the development phase of a game called Chronicles of Elyria. 

The game received massive hype from industry members and gamers. The game developing company even set up a public fundraising drive to generate funds to be used for the game’s development via Kickstarter. In fact, the Kickstarter fundraising ended up collecting more than $1.3 million worth of donations from excited fans. 

Falls also detailed that the company has made many other revenues concerning the upcoming game through their pre-sales and official online stores. It is said that the company was able to make a combined profit of $14 million.

Plaintiff Falls contended that he spent around $20,000 via the SBS store buying digital content in relation to the highly-anticipated release of Chronicles of Elyria. 

Game Release Aborted, Company Refuses To Pay Back Clients 

However, he lamented that Soulbound Studios USA wasn’t even developing the game amidst all of the initial profit they have made from eager fans who threw in their money at them. 

To prove that game production was still ongoing, the company only released Chronicles of Elyria’s cinematics, a far cry from the gameplay footage that fans expected. Soon, SBS CEO Jeremy Walsh shared to the public that his company has ditched developing the game altogether. 

The Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is officially accusing Soulbound Studios, LLC and Soulbound Studios USA of several charges. It includes a breach of contract after the company has reportedly bailed out on its customers. 

Falls is seeking to form a Class group consisting of other similarly situated individuals who have made digital purchases in relation to the aborted game Chronicles of Elyria and was refused a refund. 

Editor’s Note on Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This feature reports the latest information about the class action lawsuit revolving around the controversy with Soulbound Studio’s Chronicles of Elyria. This comes after the game development company has made millions of dollars out of enthusiastic fans but ended up not releasing the game at all. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): James Falls v. Soulbound Studios, LLC et al.; Case No.: 2:21-cv-00961

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Central District of California

Products/Services Involved: Chronicles of Elyria

Allegation(s): Gamers were duped into believing that the money they paid will be used to further develop the role-playing game Chronicles of Elyria, but Soulbound Studios dropped the whole project without providing any refunds

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